B&K sonatas 200 monos

Hello my fellow audiogoners. I just purchased and received a good deal on a pair of B&K M200 sonatas. I was very shocked to hear the heft and considerable bass coming from these budget mono amps. I am using at the time a pair of 300ti soundynamics and the amps replaced an old amber series 70 amp that I still love and most likly will use in a second system or with a ht. I noticed it pumps out considerable bass without turning on my Rel Strata III sub. I was curious are any using them the B&Ks and have you made any changes as far as post, caps,and power cords that are captured on both units.Thanks to all and have a great day.
I have 3 pairs of these. They are steal at prices they sell for used. In stock form, they're bullet proof. and sweet/smooth sounding. I've tried to upgrade/replace them with purchase of 5 other amp brands, but I ended up selling them and keeping the M200s.

I had one of my pairs mod'ed by John Hillig at Musical Concepts. The mods are expensive, but take the amps to another level. I'm driving Totem Mani-2s with the mod'ed pair and it's an excellent match.
That sounds good, the upgrade path. I had an Adcom 555 many years ago upgraded by him excellent performer. I was wondering only about one thing that seems to bother me about the amps built.I hate the flimsy rocker switches on the amp, have you had a problem with them at all. I am still amazed with the sound quality for so little money.
I've had only one problem with the rocker switches. They are easy to replace, and cheap to buy though. I sent one of my pairs into B&K once to have them tuned up (it cost me $100 for the pair, plus shipping). They replace the rocker switches as a matter of process. It may be possible to find a better one, but it's not something I've considered a priority.
I got to agree with previous posts. These amps are a steal on the used market. They can drive most low impedance speakers that would ordinarliy require more expensive amplification in such a way that belies their price. While they aren't quite up to the standards of the more expensive thorough breds, they are remarkably close. A word of caution, these DC coupled B&K's are a bit different than the other cap coupled B&K amps.
A word of caution, these DC coupled? Can you please expand on your statement.
Previous B&K amps like the legendary ST 140 were capacitor coupled the M 200's are DC coupled, basicaly just a different way of doing things for the same purpose. DC coupled designs are often reputed to have tighter bass response, which is the case with the M 200's. There are other differences as well. B&K historically was known for a warm, round sound, being a bit soft in the bass (especially into lower impedances)and foggy in the treble. The M 200's are a bit cooler, leaner, more defined overall and tighter in the bass region (especially into lower impedances).
i have st-140 monos. i upgraded the power cords with VOLEX from ALLIED ELCTRONICS. they are Belden 14ga. wire with a shield for $11.00 to $15.00 ea.(length dependent). the best deal in audio power cords IMHO. i put overbraid on mine for a good looking cable.
Anyone know how the B&K Video 5 compares to the 200s.
I own two of them and was considering using them as mono amps in a non-video application. Sorry to bend the thread.
But thre is obviously expertise here and I have always wondered if the Video 5 was less than optimal for straight audio due to design parameters. Never saw a review. They are from the Sonata series if that means much.
Anyone know how the B&K Video 5 compares to the 200s.
I believe the Video 5 is equivalent to the ST140 except it has 3 channels rather than 2, and of course the power supply is spec's to handle 5 channels.

I had a ST140 Sonata version at one time and while it's nice, they do not stand up to the M200 Sonata in terms of smoothness, power, etc. It would seem to be a waist to use one channel (of 5) from each as a monoblock, although I'm sure it would work, and with one channel getting all of the power supply capacity it would be beneficial. OTOH, you may be able to sell both V-5's, buy a pair of M200s, and pocket some cash in the process.