best SET amp for Sonatas

I am currently running a Jolida EL-34 PP integrated with my Silverline Sonatas and have the bug to upgrade the power. Any advice on SET amps which will work well with this speaker (mk I Sonata at 93.5 db). I have heard good things about Cary 300b and the sonatas. My music tastes range from female vocals to Jazz, Blues, Rock. thanks for your help.
i have a buddy that owns snell speakers that are ninety three db efficient and we put the audio electronic supply by dennis had of cary audio in apex n.c. to the test with the little entry ae aes pre and it was marvelous...but the amp needs retubing with el 88 tubes...not a must but why not...the combo i have seen on gon for one thousand lately and that is a good the way ...i own the pair and i am using them to power my vandy 2ce sig speakers in the mid to upper range...using the vandy sub for bottom since the speakers are eithty six db sen. and that is border line for bass with eithty six...hope that helped....
also look for intergrated audio research int. there have been some around on gon....sells 3,000 going for 1500 to 2200 that are great units...brand new this year from audio of the best tube amp still around....
I've heard the Art Audios would make a nice combination if you have the $$. I've also pondered whether the Atma-Sphere M60's might be a good alternative... although not quite the 300B sound, they could bring that clean OTL and single ended effect [with some extra oomph] to an already sensitive speaker... could be a flattering combo. Might also consider the Joule - Electra OTL's or possibly the Stargates... for the same reasons as the Atma-Sphere. I too have Sonatas and have been contemplating all the interesting amplifier options I have. It's nice having "amp friendly" speakers isn't it? I'll be curious about your audition findings. Happy hunting and good listening.
Thanks for the advice. I'll let you know what I end up with.