B&K separates or the AVR307?

Grapling w/ spending the xtra $$ on the Ref 7270 and Ref30 system vs keeping it simple (and easier on my pocketbook) with the very highly regarded AVR307. Any thoughts???
I think the questions that you to answer first -- for yourself, and maybe for those who may respond to your post -- are: how serious are you about home theater, and based on this answer, what cost is justifiable?

If your primary interest is audio, rather than HT, and you want a decent but not outstanding HT system, then I'd say the AVR307 will probably do a perfectly competent job handling your HT needs.

On the other hand, if you really want top quality HT sound, or you know in your guts that you will start upgrading almost as soon as your HT is installed, then you will probably be happier getting the B&K separates now.
Check out the B&K AVR 307 information forum for flagship receivers on ezboard. Many of the detailed threads there will address your concerns.

It's no contest!!!...trust me. The separates will be stronger, more dynamic, more musical, more 3 dimmensional, better detail, and better everything sonically! Receivers are ok for small monitors with a sub, crossed over at around 50hz and above!..that's it. However, If you can do separates, I would do it EVERY TIME!!! No receiver is worth more than $2k personaly. The powersuplly's are inherantly weak in ALL RECIEVERS!..Including Denon 5800 and similar.
We once did a shootout of Denon's old flag ship AVR5600 (150wX5) and Yamaha DSPA3090 receivers, driving some little B&W 601 speakers, and some full range Mirage M3 speakers for giggles. The receivers were rather lackluster on their own. Then, we used the Receivers (both) as preamps, and added a llttle modest Denon 2 channel dedicated power amp(POA8200) to drive the speakers full range on music. WOW!...it was not even close! Infact the receivers were flat put to shame by the little 125w/ch Denon power amp! The receivers amp sections basically sucked in comparison. I mean EVERY aspect of the sound was bettered using the dedicated SEPARATES amp instead.
To this day, I have never heard ANY receiver that could compete with separates overall.
So, if you can spring...I would
After 11 months of looking at every receiver and separates in the $1000 to $7500 range, I chose the AVR 307. It is unbelievable, and I did not notice a difference versus separates. B & K is a very solid choice.
I went through the same quandry appox 3 months ago. Did a little research found that the preamp/processer in the 305/307 is the reference 30. Check the stats on the power amps in the recievers 150/channel, by the time you make your best deal on the reciever the power amps are little to no cost. I bought the 305 had a extra 2 channel power amp and now enjoy 7 channels of rich HT and Great DVD AUDIO
Went down that road. Separates are better. B&K makes great pre/pros and good amps. For the money you can get a better amp. I have the REF 30 with an EAD powermaster 1000. What kind of speaker will you be using?
I fully concur with Sdcampbell. I have the B&K 202, and it's a nice piece of equipment. However, the 150wpc may not be sufficient for more demanding HT (5 to 7 channels driven) or DVD-A (5 full range speakers); also, you are paying for a Tuner, which you may not want.

I have spoken with B&K about upgrading my 202 to the 305 (5 vs. your 7 channels), versus buying the Ref 30: he said that I would effectively have the Ref 30 by the time I was done, except for some connection capabilities on the back panel.

I personally would go for the separates, as you can then choose the amps.
The 202 has the reference 20 preamp and the 305/7 have the reference 30 preamp already in the receiver.
If you are not happy with the sound quality or power ect then you plug in an aftemarket 5/6 channel amp of your choice and you have your seperates.
Down the road the receiver will probably sell for more than the seperate processor.