B&K avr307

I was thinking about buying a new receiver for my surround sound system. My current receiver just retired. So was at the store tonight. I was checking out the Yamahas, Onkyos, and Harmon Kardons. I saw a B&K avr507, when the salesperson described the features I was overwhelmed. I really liked the idea of being able to upgrade the unit off the internet. I can't really afford the 507, but see the 307 used in my price range. I checked out the reviews on audio reviews.
Are these receivers as good as I was told my this salesperson? Anyone owners out here, might be able to add anything? Comments suggestions?

Thanks to all that reply!
I've had alot of stuff (up to $80,000 in two channel high end) and I think this (AVR307) was the best rcvr on the market. It does everything VERY well. I have not compared it to the 507, but it blew away the Denon and everything else I put it up against.....A smokin bargin!!!
I have just had the factory (507) upgrade done on my 307. It is now an AVR 317. The upgrade cost $465, so if you can get a 307 at a good price and can afford the upgrade in the future, it's well worth it. The 507 has a few valuable features the 307 doesn't. It has Pro Logic II or Neo:6 and room gain adjustments for your sub. Overall, the B&K is one of the best receivers around. Perhaps the only two receivers that are better are the new Arcam ( higher end but not by much and less power) and the Sunfire Ultimate (hit & miss with all Sunfire products). I've owned Sony ES, Marantz Reference Standard and I brought home Denon and Integra to test. No contest. I'll keep upgrading my B&K until I have the room for separates. BUY THE B&K. If you've got more questions, you can find me at mt10425 on Audiogon.
The 307 has more features than most people will ever use and has plenty of power. I have been very happy with mine. B&k in my opinion is a rock solid product. I will probably not even upgrade my unit, because my set up sounds good the way it is.
John thank you for your post. I've been waiting for a good reason to get my feet wet and make my first post on audiogon. I bought the B&K 507 two weeks ago. I am very happy with this receiver, to say the least. I also got a killer deal through 6ave.com electronics, for 2998 dollars. This includes the fantastic five year warranty. I went to a local 6ave store here in New Jersey. I mention this since alot of the "great deals" on the net do not include the manufacturers warranty,so be careful. I spent a good time comparing various models around this price range. None campared to the B&K. I was originally going to buy the denon 3803, for two grand less. This was after comparing the Yamaha 2400, Pioneer Elite 53tx, various Onyko's, etc. I wasn't happy enough with any of these. I decided to save money for seperates and try to deal with listening to my Sony ES Until I could afford the seps. I listen to music 90%. This includes multichannel encoded. I guess the sony was to much to bear. I spend alot of time on various hifi web sites, this is an addiction mind you, and the B&K had very good reviews. Then I saw the B&K on sale. I was surprised since you never see these on sale. Well I went to 6ave and listened to the very musical 507. I compared it to the Denon 4802R, and the 5803. It was no contest. The B&K was the closest I could find to having a seperates sound. I must say that nothing is as good as having actual seperates and plan on going this route when I can afford to. Also, the B&K 507 has the same processor as the B&K reference 50 preamp. I also had the pleasure to listen to the preamp teamed with the reference 200.7. I would have gone this route if I could have afforded it. Still the 507 holds up very well, and I'll most likely just add the reference 200.7 amp to it when I can afford it. I emailed B&K at www.bkcomp.com and received a catalog soon after. As you can see I like this product. The amp has an extended frequency range. This brings a large soundstage to music. I am also better able to hear the dynamics at lower volume levels. This is important since I share a house. I really enjoy the dolby digital II music mode for my cd listening. If you prefer, the 2 channel mode is great also. None of the other receivers sounded good in this mode. Maybe except for the Denon 5803, yet the Denon is $1000 more. The processor does a great job with Dolby digital encoded dvds. This receiver is up to date with all the latest modes including dolby digital ex, dts 96/24, and thx ultra II. The system setup is very easy. It actually makes sense, I can't say the same for my previous sony es. The LCD remote is very nice too. One more thing. The B&K doesn't have those unnecessary dsp modes. I never used them on my sony and feel they are a gimmic to get people to buy. More isn't always better. In summary the B&K is a very solid unit. I'm very happy with mine. Good luck.