B&K 200.1 reference power vs B&K AVR307 amps

I recently traded my Rogue Audio Sphinx hybrid integrated amp and other things for a Peachtree Audio Nova hybrid integrated amp and some other things. I thought the Sphinx was one of the best amps I've owned but I wanted to do some experimenting and the Nova provides a lot of latitude that the Sphinx doesn't. My primary goal was to try more amplification power and because reviews of the Nova's DAC section are very impressive, I thought that would be a good starting point.

Anyway, I have an old B&K AVR307 with 150WPC receiver and decided to try that. The results were so amazing that I wish I'd tried it with the Sphinx while I still had it. No matter, though; this combo sounds so good it may be the best sound that I've had in over 50 years in this hobby and I could probably remain content with this setup but I want to go another step further.

There are 2 options that I'm considering. One would be to try the B&K reference 200WPC power amp. My question is whether I should expect the same type of sound with that as I'm getting with their multi channel amp. The other option would be the higher wattage Peachtree 200.1 amp. This approach was recommended by a local audiophile who is familiar with that amp and who has some knowledge of my listening tastes.

That being the case, before I jump into an expense that I may regret, I'm asking for advice. BTW, I'm open to suggestions beyond what I've discussed. My system presently consists of: Shanling CD100 CD player, Peachtree Audio Nova integrated hybrid amp (as a preamp), B&K AVR307 for power amplication and Martin Logan Odyssey speakers.
I put a pair of B&K ref 200.1 monos with my AVR707 and it opened up the system like I couldn't believe. I look everyday for another pair. Best money I ever spent.