Ayre QB-9...listening impressions

I have tried several sub-$1K DAC in my system, which is running Tidal Hifi stream to my tube preamp  I recently acquired a used QB-9 (the non-DSD version) to compare to my CIA DAC with its separate power power source.   The SQ improvement was apparent from the first note of the music with the Ayre DAC; it sounds just like listening to analogue, to my ears.   I am now a devotee of believers in the benefits of a great DAC in one's system, but am also of the opinion that one might need to spend $2K-$5K to get the full measure of SQ improvement in their system. This Ayre DAC is simply stunning!

Couldn't agree more.  I recently picked up the DSD version and am floored at how good this DAC is.
Yep, the QB-9 DSD is a classic. Mine isn't leaving my system any time soon.
It is evidently mutual love for this DAC.  It is even easier to love the DAC when I acquired if for $550 delivered from a guy who "is going back to analogue" with a modest Rega table.   And I just sold my SOTA Sapphire vacuum TT and Dynavector HOMC 20X2 cartridge a week ago and was delighted to see it go.  For all the "buttdarts" have taken on reselling gear over the past few years, the audio gods made up for on the acquisition of this outstanding Ayre DAC. :-)  
 I had one and they do sound great but I got sick of dealing with the stupid computer when I wanted to listen to music.  Now I just have an older high-end Sony CD player and usually go mainly with vinyl  
Depending on your system, the Ayre Codex might be even better. IMO.
Mr M,
That is just what the fellas at Ayre said.  Better than the QB-9 and a much lower price.  That is amazing.  
I have not heard the QB-9, but I'm sure it is excellent. Enjoy!