Ayre K1 owners - Do you have images of packaging.

Need to know how the factory has packed this preamplifier, I am making a wooden crate for it since I dont have the original boxes and packaging.

Not sure if the PS is togather or separate box?
It would easier to contact Ayre and have them send you new packaging for the K-1. Propobably cost you $50
Great idea! Contact them,ask for shipping and the guy will probably give you exact measurements.Then on to the store for the foam.Keep up the good work,America needs more workers who arent dependant.Cheers,Bob
I believe that everything, including the PS, goes in one box. (I've had mine for about 5 years, so that is based upon my memory, so if I'm wrong, don't shoot me.)

If you're local to the SF bay area, feel free to drop me a line. I would not mind letting you look and take measurements of the Ayre supplied packaging.

Good Luck!
Everything comes packed in one box. the PSU sits on top of the preamp in the box. It would be better to just order a new box.
agreed all in one box and well packed

better to buy it, just did for my v1xe and happy to have it for the future