Ayre CX-7MP2 vs Rega Saturn.CD Pros and Cons??

I have an opportunity to buy a used Ayre CX-7MP2 or a Rega Saturn through the same seller on another audiomart. The last retail of the Rega Saturn was $2395, before the current price drop; the Ayre's price has held steady at $3500. The new Stereophile Recommended Components has placed the Ayre in the A category, but the Saturn looks like it has been deleted from list.

There was a big difference in their retails which usually suggests better parts, power supplies on the higher priced item. That being said, I am familiar with the Rega house sound, I currently have a Rega Apollo, but it is time to make the last upgrade in the system, that is sounding very good. The Saturn from what I have read,(have not auditioned it) is supposed to sound far better than the Apollo. However, if I can jump the overall CD performance another step within reasonable money limits, I would buy the Ayre. My pre-amp is the Bel Canto PRe3 is set up for balanced inputs beside RCA's which reviewerss claim to be the best sounding venue Ayre input Realize system matching is always the unknow factor, but have no way to play with Ayre in my system.

However, if the sonic gains are minimal. I'll buy the Rega Saturn.....looking for smooth, glare free highs, and better musicality, that is less digitized sound, and analog sound with clarity. All comments welcomed.
Ayre CX-7MP2 ??

Is this new?
may i suggest that you audition the players somewhere before you purchase ?

obviously, a direct comparison would help.

there is no substitute for your own ears.
Thank guys for the feedback. Chesebert: yes the Ayre model shown is current; I spoke to Ayre Central two weeks ago AND CONFIRMED

Mrtennis. Yes it would be great to audition them SIDE BY SIDE but the Atoll I live on, Oahu, Hawaii has no high end dealerS showing EITHER prodcut. Flying to the L.A. or SF at $700 RT would be to say the least, RIDICULOUS. I MIGHT AS WELL FLIP A COIN, IT WOULD BE CHEAPER.
I haven't heard the specific players mentioned, but the 2 companies have a fairly different sound in their CD players that I have heard. Ayre gear is generally focused on a highly resolving, airy but solid sound. The Rega CDP's I've heard have a focus on a smooth sound throughout the spectrum that is less resolving than Ayre.

Obviously, I prefer the Ayre - and in terms of price, the Ayre is a better "value" in the US than Rega IMHO. But both are good.
CB, Thanks for the comments. The Ayre I indicated inthe thread is an upgraded version of your player with the obvious kudos of supposedly sounding better.

I need a smoother top end which the reviews claim the Rega Saturn delivers over the Apollo, but more resolution and air would be a plus with the Ayre. My speakers are the Acoustic Zen Adagios which are excellent and are worthy of one more upgrade to top off the tank as they say. However, I can't pay $3500, or even $2500 (I believe there was used one available for $1800 on AG, but the seller would NOT budge an inch on price) I would have about $600 in proceeds if I could sell the Apollo which is losing market value since Rega dropped the retail price

I never heard the Parsifal speakers by Fidelis, but considered their Tamino model about 6 years ago which was way down the line. Jim