Bryston BCD-1, Rega Saturn, Simaudio CD3.3, and ?

Am finally looking to upgrade my trusty Arcam alpha 7 cdp after it has put in a good 10 years of service. My goal is a system that is neutral and just lets the music through. I know my current weak link is the source. I listed to the simaudio cd-1 earlier in the year and was impressed for the price, and thus started my search for what may well be my last cd player...

So, after quite a bit of research on forums, reviews, etc. I plan to try to listen to these three players in the next month or so. I know the CD3.3 is just shipping this month supposedly, just called dealer to see if he has it yet or when he would, but any thoughts, comparisons or concerns with this list or anything that is clearly better or blatantly missing in this less than $3k range?

The rest of my system is Aragon 18k pre, 4004 mkII amp, Thiel CS2 speakers, IC are entry level JPS labs and harmonic technology. Current cdp is arcam alpha 7 as mentioned.

thanks for any input...

I A/B'd the Rega Saturn and Bryston BCD-1 and found the Bryston to have significantly more articulate and dynamic bass in an overall more involving player. I am a long time Rega loyalist having had the original Planet, Planet 2000 and Jupiter 2000. Loved them all. But, after purchasing and living with the BCD-1 I realize just how much I'd been missing in imaging specificity, dynamics and bass with the Regas. The BCD-1 preserves the toe-tapping rythmic pacing of the Regas and midrange presence while adding so much more in live-sound presence.
I don't know about the Rega,but I know the BCD-1 will be my last CDP.I did compare with 3 others AR CD-7,Arcam-33 or 36.
I definately preferred the Bryston,she seemed so right in getting me alot closer to the musicians,instruments ect.
Lots of meat on the bottom end,I use the analog out on her and run her into my AV-8 stereo direct(analog)bypassing all digital,using the dacs in the BCD-1.I even sold off my Benchmark dac-1.She's a keeper.
Thanks for the replies! Anybody heard anything about the new Simaudio player?