Available in CD? RCA Direct Master "Appassionata

I bought this many years ago and am trying to find it on CD. It is a RCA Direct Master Series 45 R.P.M. Beethoven "Appassionata" with Ikuyo Kamiya, pianist played on a Bosendorfer, Imperial. marked RDC 4. I still have the record and I remember it sounding specatacular. Does anyone have any idea if it is available on CD or about its recording quality?
If you have the vinyl, that's all you need!! It indeed is one of the most dynamic records you'll ever find (it makes my CDs of the piece seem constricted dynamically, that's how good a recording it is), and one of the best piano recordings as well. I have never seen this particular recording on CD. If you must have a CD, can you get a friend who can burn it onto CD from a good turntable/arm/cartridge/phono stage?
I just remembered having the record, my phono stage is on the fritz, and $15.00 sounded easier to spend than $1500.
But yes it is a great recording, but I don't know anyone that could record it to CD.
If no one around you could do it, I got a new toy from Yamaha that is able to record from analog sounces onto a hard drive and then onto CD. I can give it a try at some point for you, once I figure out how it's done, as I have the record too--doubt it will be state of the art, although the vinyl playback system is pretty good.
I would sure appreciate a copy. Let me know when you're ready and I'll send you my address. I would be glad to pay for postage.
I'll see if I can figure it out this week or weekend. My guess is I can run a line out from my tape out jacks into the Yamaha's analog inputs, so I can also monitor what I'm recording. Only problem I've encountered so far has been the Yamaha doesn't seem to like my blank gold CD-Rs; I'll try another type to see if it's just the type of disc.