Audyssey MultEQ on Marantz av7005

I was wondering if the pro version of Audyssey on a Marantz av7005 would allow me to change cutoff for the center channel. It's currently is 40hz and I just bought a legacy marquis center channel, it is full range and I would like the extra low end that it can provide. Thanks. 
Hi Paul,

I assume you already tried setting the center to "Large" on the Marantz GUI?

http://file///C:/Users/cross/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/Downloads/AV7005_U_EN_UG_v00.pdf Page 78

Interesting that the "Large" option does not appear for center and surrounds if the front speakers are set to small...


You can usually edit the settings after the calibration is complete (my Onkyo allows this at the final setup step). The cut off is actually measured during the calibration. So in theory yes!
Thanks shadorne, that is what I was trying to do but it seems there is a hard 40hz limit in the options. This is why I was wondering about the pro version, does it remove the pre programmed limits?