JBL B460 SUB + BX63A audyssey MultEQ setup

Ive been playing with my MultEQ setup on my Onkyo SC-PR886 preamp/processor and trying various placements of the sub.

I was just wondering if anyone had any tips specific to the B460 that allow Audyssey better bass management

as recommended by Audyssey's set-up guide I have:

1. Low Pass on the BX63A set as high as possible (125Hz)
2. Gain on BX63A at 50% (5 db)
3. B460 in the rear corner of the room 5" from each wall

I'm waiting for the GF to take the dogs for a trip to the park to do another pass.

any tips/suggestions/comments would be appreciated
Get it out of the corner and, if possible, bypass the LP filter on the BX63A.

the LPF cannot be bypassed without also bypassing the 24db boost at 63hz that the BX63A has for the tuned/ported enclosure. that boost defines the sub, but i do have the LPF turned all the way up so audyssey can do more of the bass management

as far as placement goes would closer to the center of the room be more ideal?

I could place it either directly behind the rear couch or I could use a longer piece of kimber cable and actually center it in the room, behind the front couch. I am concerned if it was directly beneath the projector it might shake it enough to disturb the image. As it is I've been chasing vibrations down for the past few months, reinforcing light fixtures and replacing the decorative glass panels in the wall with high grade wooden panels.

Im also thinking of moving the Bryston to some of the main channels and pulling a Carver TFM-42 I have out which bridges to 1000w. A little more power than the Bryston but more THD (Carver <0.5% compared to the ridiculous Bryston <0.007%)

this would allow me to pull the last crown xls-202 out of the room (its cooling fan has become a source of irritating ambient sound that stands out in the room now that its the only one left)

when the house is empty later Ill try integrating the carver and running the audyssey multi-eq setup with all 8 passes. I can experiment with placement of the B460 then
Does anyone have any experience using the bx63a to bridge an amp compared to the amps only bridging mode?

something else to experiment with I guess, I wonder if it will effect the quality of the listening experience
so interesting discoveries:

the Carver TFM-42 Owners manual directly contradicts itself in regards to mono operation. The diagram shows the positive speaker wire connected to the left channel + output of the amp, but the written directions state that the right channel + output should be used for the + speaker wire.

hooked up either way with the mono mode switch actuated the b460 emits a HUM without the input even connected

using the bx63a to bridge the amp with its inverted output and the carver in stereo mode, there is no HUM

house is almost empty, so an audyssey pass will begin soon