Meridian 5xx or MultEQ XT32 Prepro?

My current system consists of Denon 3808ci as prepro, feeding the Classe CAV75 to B&W Matrix 804, 805, and HTM, and a REL 200. Front ends are Oppo BDP83 and Mac Mini. Strictly 5.1 in a Manhattan apartment (i.e., no loud listening).  Upgrade bugs get me from time to time, and this time, I am wondering about the prepro. I had the Meridian 506.20 for my 2-channel at one point and really like the sound. On the other hand, everyone is saying the MultEQ XT32 is so much better than MultEQ XT (which my Denon has).  

These Meridians (565 or 568) are tempting because of the low price and what I remember from the past about the Meridian sound. I was never that impressed with MultEQ XT, but if MultEQ XT32 is really that much better, maybe it's worth a shot.  I don't need anything more than 5.1 and I also don't need video switching (DVDO is taking care of that). Movie viewing is more and more via the Mac (Toslink) than the Oppo. 

Past prepros rotated through my system were Class SSP-30 Mk II, EAD Ovation, Krell HTS 7.1 and a few mid-fi stuffs.

Advice? Thanks in advance.