Audioresearch VSi75 VS. PrimaLuna

I have Sonus Faber Olympica II , Now I'm looking for a Amp for matching with them, I have two options, 1- PrimaLuna Premium Integrated 2- Audio Research VSi75 Integrated. I don't care about a money, I just wanna know if anybody has experiment with both amps and could tell me about the sounding.
I love warm, soft, deep detail sound.
Thanks every body
I do, go with the VSi 75, 100%. I chose that amp for my Sonus Faber Amati Futura and have no regrets. It is wonderful with SF speakers.
Personally I found the Primaluna dialogue premium to be more musical.
The VSI is very clean, quiet and detailed.
The PL is as detailed and quiet but has a more organic feel.
No offense intended but the Prima Luna doesn't play on the same field as the Audio Research VSI75 nor should it considering the price differential. I think the world of Kevin Deal, Upscale Audio and the Prima Luna equipment. It is some of the most versatile and easy to live with tube gear available today. You can tailor the sound to you liking and roll the tubes to taste. The VSI75 is at another level or two of clarity, texture and tonality. Unlike the Prima Luna, there is really no opportunity for tube rolling unless going from KT120's to KT150's. The Audio Research integrated is not for the tweaker. Have owned some incredible integrateds over the years and the Prima Luna is a terrific amplifier in its price band, the Audio Research is one of the best integrateds made...... period.
Since you don't care about $, would you sponsor my rig? A few measly thousand should do ;)
I know you are looking at an integrated, but I auditioned the VSI75 against the ARC ref 75 power amp, hoping to buy the former. Unfortunately the Ref 75 was in a totally different class. It forced me to switch from integrated amps I have been using for 10 years, to a pre power. It matches beautifully with a little passive pre.
B_limo, no problem, I'm always available to help a fellow 'goner if I can be of service! ;)

david is correct, the Ref 75 is at another level from the vsi75. I made my decision for my listening environment, needs and balanced that with my desire for simplicity, 1 less set of cables, no seperate pre, etc. I also was less sure of the audibility of the differences between the vsi75 and the ref75 in my home. My HVAC system isnt completely quiet nor is my refrigerator in the kitchen, nor is my neighborhood nor are the others in the house.

Anyway, you cant go wrong with the Prima Luna, the VSI75 or the Ref75 depending on what your desired price point may be. At the end of the day, the differences between all 3 amps is a matter of degrees. The laws of diminishing returns really do kick in in high end audio and you could certainly make a case that no one in the industry knows this better than Kevin Deal and Upscale Audio. The Prima Luna gear is terrific value and the Audio Research, while less of a value certainly delivers several degrees of extra audio performance but only you can determine if its worth the extra money. Good luck.
I own the Exemplar Audio Exception integrated and it is stunning good. Recommended for speakers 90 db or >. It is extremely MUSICAL and I continue to be blown away by the quality of sound. I feel confident it will compete or better with some of the best integrated out there.
How would the Mark Levinson 585 hold up in a comparison? That "extra" power, at roughly triple the power, plus integrated DAC and other niceties could come in handy, especially with speakers that NEED the extra power (B&W 805D3 for example).
Anyone make these comparisons?