Audio research VSi75 -why so many for sale?

I've been considering getting an Audio Research  Vsi 75 for some time but have hesitated. Now there are quite a few for sale ( 5 on Agon and more on ebay and other sites) at about 50% of RRP.  Is there something going on I should know about before making an offer? Is AR about to phase them out, or are they developing problems??
How many are for sale means nothing dude!!
+1, ebm. 

However, it does gives you the advantage to negotiate and cherry pick the best from the lot 😉

Go for it!
Why when it is raining do so many people carry umbrellas?
ARC is moving their product line toward the autobias circuit seen in the Foundation series. No idea if they will be introducing a VSI-80SE but its probably a safe bet. Its a great amp though.
I’m with you. Tons of primaluna for sale as well. 
Makes me not want one. 
"Tons of primaluna for sale as well"
Nothing on Agon, 1 listing in AA.

Yep, that's TONS of PL's all right....

Several listings of a particular model is to the buyers advantage.

Ive heard both amps. Purely subjective choice. I would be happy with either brand.

If you're seeing 50% of MSRP, that means making an offer 55-60 off!!

Stop second guessing, and get something to enjoy listen to music.

Life is too short.

This question is asked frequently about different equipment. Usually there is no specific reason for a large number of a particular item to be on sale.

There are some reasons that will cause a number of an item to go on sale such as a new model of a particular item coming out and fans want to upgrade, or a new item will come out with a lot of hype and people who try it aren’t impressed. It could still be a good product, but just doesn’t live up to the hype. You can get a good deal for either of these reasons if you know that you like the item. Don’t get fooled by hype yourself, though.

Most of the time it’s just coincidence.
An excellent amp. Reviews  give it high marks.  I have the vsi-60 and paired with the right cables, components and speakers it becomes a magical experience. At the current prices I would get one, but  at the moment  money is tight. 
It's probably a fluke that several VSi75's are available right now.   They are usually hard to find.   I'd like one to replace my VSi60 but I do balk a little.  The VSi75 is only available in silver and all of my electronics are black.