Audioquest Makenzie XLRs

I have the opportunity to purchase Audioquest cables at approx 40% below retail... 

I cant spend hundreds or thousands on cables.

Is there a better XLR cable for the money at the price point of $110 a pair than the Audioquest Makenzie?  110 is my cost.  Next up the line in AQ more than doubles my cost.... cant swing that much on ICs.

Gear consists of Marantz 7704, ATI 1807 Amp, B&W CDM 9NTs.
Not high end by any means but it's far better than what I had.

So .... is there a better cable for the money?
Seems AQ Makenzie is well reviewed and well designed.

Thoughts? Comments?  Assistance and advice is appreciated.


Per the recommendations of so many - I opted for the Mogami Gold XLRs -- have had them about 2 weeks - 

and so far - am pleased wit the results - far better performance over the RCAs they replaced.

I know there are far better cables - but for my existing system - I believe them to be a solid choice...

To the rest -- thanks for all of the input -- 
If you find the that the sound stage isn’t as good as you would like with the mogami which is one of my quirks with them try the Studio Cable 4S you can read about them here:

I find most studio brands very congested and limited in their presentation mainly because of the fact that their main focus is durability in a studio setting. So they have to bundle the wires too close together in a thick outer sleeve to achieve that ruggedness. Studio cables 4S on the other hand are made especially by hand for permanent installs and have no such constraints.

Good lord, this thread is so full of BS that I feel sorry for the OP.  A dozen or more wildly differing opinions, and most of them not answering the basic question.  No wonder why we are losing the next generation in regards to good audio.

I own Morrow Audio cables, Audioquest, Wireworld and others.  I actually own the Mackenzie XLR which I selected after experimenting with my set up.  Good cables are not snake oil.  People that are stuck in this mind set seem to adhere to it with a fanatical attitude for some reason.  The Mackenzie is a pretty decent cable, and would have been a no brainer at the discounted price the OP had been offered.

1)  The different kinds of copper that Audioquest and others use actually makes a difference.  Insulation materials used matters as well.  The cheap fine strand copper speaker wire (lamp cord)  can be the worst sounding cable in your system.  Buy some Audioquest Type 4 speaker cables in their "budget" by-the-foot price.  It will open your eyes.

2)  Silver conducts electricity better than copper.  The brass connectors that most budget cables use is an inferior conductor.  Look it up.  

3)  Many companies charge too much for their really good to best cable lines.  But good deals can be had.  

4)  Same for good audio components.  One can get much more bang for buck with Schiit Audio components.  It's a lousy name, but does compete favorably with the Parasounds, NADs and such at usually less than half the price.  
You made a wise choice.