Audiomeca Obsession Tube CD Player

Hi, anyone heard this CD Player.
Yes, it is a marvelous value. Very analog sounding like the entire line.
i have one for sale- there is no tube in it or any Audiomeca cd player-
If you want tubes in the output section...
Sconic Frontiers SFCD-1
Upscale audio Marantz player Ajoo or something
No Audiomeca CD player has tubes in its output stage. But Audiomeca used to sell a tube output device for its CD players and DACs called the "Tube Extension" for about $1,000. The Obsession was their cheapest CD player, and a Mk. II version was later released that was about 8% better at a higher premium. The overall sound of this player is very natural, "musical." With the tube extension, the Obsession will gain in warmth and naturalness and lose in frequency extreme linearity. I do not think the tube extension was designed for the Obsession, but for the more expensive and more analytic Ambrosia DAC and Talisman integrated. BTW, the tube extension is now discontinued and hard to find, I believe.