Audio Aero Prima vs Audiomeca Obsession 11

Both these CDP review very well.
Unfortunately I will not be able to audition either so any info and suggestions I receive ,from this thread,will be a big help with my decision.

Thanks in advance
You going to be hard pressed to find an audiophool who has heard both, the Prima and the Audiomeca Obsession 11. I own the Prima. You can read my review or email me on the side for particulars. Don't beat yourself up with this one. I haven't met an audiophool, yet, who has listened to the Prima and did not love it. It's 90% of its' big brother. And that's an $8k cdp. peace, warren.
btw, I can turn you on to the guy I purchased mine from. Great price and the whole nine to boot....
About 2 months back I sold my AA Capitol mk I and purchased the latest version of the Prima cdp. The Capitols volume control was giving me a problem and I wanted a cdp with front loading.
Based on my listining exp, the Prima is as good as the Capitol mk I. I have not heard the capitol mk II version but I am very statisfied with the Prima. It one of the best cdp that I have heard for its price.
The only 'problem' I've had with my Prima is that it exposed the shortcomings of other components in my system. So that said, I've upgraded those as well, and will not be looking for another CDP for a long time. The Prima is phenomenal.