question about Echole Obsession 2008 IC

I just bought an Echole Obsession ic. It arrived without the Oyaide termination and without the wood/aluminum medalion.
Us this how Echole configured them in 2008?
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...good question..i would email the usa distributer..rick brown [email protected] ..he will know the answer..good luck..they are great cables
I spoke with Rick before I saw the thread that mentioned something about the 08 version. Right now female vocals are very forward and loud.
I am still hoping that it is a burn in issue.
I was just informed by an Audiogon member that the 08 version did not come with the Oyaide termination nor the wood/aluminum medallion.
Thank you George !
I am also hoping that the seller accepts my apology for doubting that his cables had been modified.
Ignorance is not always bliss.