Audiogon’s transaction fees

I cannot access them. Can someone post them for me?
i cannot even contact them
  • What do you have to fill out? The fee is listed!
Listing FeeAsking Price$10$1 — $999$25$1,000 — $1,499$50$1,500 — $3,499$100$3,500 — $9,999$150$10,000+
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Open Communication
  • One Free Re-listing
  • Quick View
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Accept All Payment Types
  • Upload Up To 16 Images
Not whenI access it on my iPad it doesn’t 
I got the same results as yogiboy on my iPad. It’s quite simple. You shoudn’t be having these problems.
Audiogon answered my queries within a day.

At the bottom of this page is 'Contact Us'.
Fill out the form and submit.
The OP, being a newer member, does not see that tiered pricing list as you and I and older members do.
If you had read previous posts you would have known this rather than going off on a misunderstanding. 
Newer members are on a % basis as we all will be eventually according to Admin. That I think means he has to jump through a few more hoops than we do to see his fees.
Simple yes?

And that last was sarcasm just in case it whizzed over everyone's head.