Audiogon's Express Checkout

How well has Audiogon's new Express Checkout system worked for you?
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Good for me. Though my bank seems to have Agon on a short list of 'suspect' sites. I had to call them to okay the charge.
Thus far, it has worked well for one transaction and horribly for another.  I just sold a piece of gear this week and the Seller was charged three times on his card and I have yet to be credited.  Since this site provides virtually NO live customer service, you have to send an email and await a response.  

As far as I am concerned, I will never use Express Checkout again.
Am new to it too and was keen to try it as I’ve had issues with Paypal. So I just sold an item, my item was delivered yesterday and, expecting payment soon, was unpleasantly surprised to learn now that my money would be ’released’ to my bank in 8 days! Yikes. Depending on your shipping time, you could be two weeks or more from confirmed sale to receipt of payment. Paypal never looked so good!


NO live customer service is very suspect to me? Skip it.