What is your selling experience using Express Checkout ?

Express Checkout seems to work good for the buyer, but for selling, the system is slow to update and the funds are held up for a day or two. Do they hold on to the funds to get more interest ?
I was anoyed with it in the beginning, but as a seller I’ve always included it as a payment option. Until now. From this moment on it’s Paypal only, thank you very much. Let me explain why.

The Express Checkout used to hold on to the funds until they got a shipment confirmation and then release them, which would take another couple of days. Not anymore! Now they are holding your money until the item gets DELIVERED. Can you believe this? Imagine shipping something from the East cost to California or Washington? That’s a week minimum. But wait, it gets better! Once the item gets delivered, you will receive an email: “Congratulations, your item was successfully delivered! We will be releasing your funds for this sale to your bank account within the next 8 days.“  This is just disrespectful, I have no other words. EIGHT DAYS? After I waited a week for the package to be delivered?

Never again. And I think I’m being quite reasonable.
It sounds like on large ticket items that would add to up to a whole lot of "extra" revenue from interest alone.

Have never tried it and now most likely never will.
At least with PayPal you know its costing you 2.9% and that's it. And now with PayPal for a whopping 25 cents extra you can get your money transferred within an hour.
I use PayPal. They make me wait for 3 days after delivery before releasing my funds. But transfer to my bank account is fast (and only 25 cents!).
Thank you all for your input. Last time I used Express Checkout to get payment, there were delays. USPS tracking went dead for two days, adding to the worry. After delivery, Audiogon wanted the buyer to confirm that it was delivered. The buyer did after another day or so, but what if he said NO ?
Understanding the sellers points very well I believe the buyers perspective must be recognized as well. As a buyer on multiple occasions we have our own side of worry. We pay for an unseen item taking the word of a name. Therfore it stands to reason that we are given time to receive the item and inspect the same. I always ask for the item to be shipped insured for the full value so if there is the very real possibility of damage in shipment we, the seller and the buyer get our hard earned dollars. I as the buyer get my money refunded while the seller gets the amount due him/her. Case in point I bought a speaker from an individual who had marked all over the box FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE. I suppose the delivery guys took that as a challenge. The once rectangular box was left at my door (even though I was home) no bell no knock, anyway the box resembled a football. Thank the Lord the seller had it double boxed and really well packaged and although the outer box was demolished the inner survived relatively unscathed. My point is getting your money after waiting a reasonable time is acceptable in my book and the seller is aware that thebuyer paid his dues.
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