Audio Research Source - CD3 mkII, CD5

I noticed on the website the CD3 mkII as "discontinued" in 2008, but nothing about this is shown on the ARC website. The website also shows a new CD5 as starting production in 2008, but again nothing on the ARC website - though the ARC website is hardly an up-to-date source for information.

If the CD3 mkII is to be dropped, that would indeed leave a hole in the "notch-below-reference-class" offering for a digital source.

Has anyone heard any rumors regarding ARC source components?
I've heard that production of the CD5 begins this month. I don't have any further info though. Could be interesting!
If true, my guess is ARC will contine to offer a product in the "notch-below-reference-class" as well as the CD7. IMHO, the CD3mkii is so good, its hard to imagine what they can do at that price point to improve it.
I spoke to Chris at ARC yesterday about getting a CD3 here and sending it in for the MkII upgrade and he said basically the CD3 MkII was discontinued and that even though there was no mention of it on their website, the CD5 was in production. Obviously the CD5 will be an improved (and more expensive) version of the CD3 MkII.

At the Montreal HiFi show, I was told by the Montreal dealer that the new CD5 will be launched in Canada in May 2008 at the price approx 500$ higher than CD3 mkII
A related note.Audio Research was acquired recently by Quadrivio SGR an Italian company who also owns Sonus Faber.
will the 5 be a top loader as well?
and yes, indeed it is hard to imagine that a CD5 will be a big step up from CD3MkII. I doubt there were any major advancements in digital since the introduction of the MkII version of CD3. But we shall wait and find out!
The CD3mkII is discontinued. The CD5 is just coming out now. Yes it will have the same top loading transport as the CD3mkII and CD7.

The new CD5 is more of a clone of the REF CD7 but uses FETs in place of vacuum tubes. Remember, the CD3 was designed over 7 years ago and the mkII did not make any major design changes but benefited from resonance control through extensive strategic damping and some parts upgrades. The REF CD7 was a completely new design based upon the REF3. This resulted in dramatic sonic improvements over the CD3mkII. The CD5 should much more closely resemble the performance of the REF CD7 only with a solid state twist.

I think its also important to remember that the digital portions of these pieces are basically the same. It's the power supply and analog circuitry that makes all of the difference.

I am an ARC dealer.
When I ordered my CD7 from Audio Research I was told of their new CD5. It will be replacing the CD3 mk II at a slight increase in price but the their CD7 will still be their Top Dog.
My new new CD7 should be here in about 2 weeks, requested that the serial number end with the number 8. Looking forward to new piece. Been playing music through the Transporter due to the fact that I sold my Sony SCD-1.
Rugy, CD7 should be some much better than the Transporter. My CD3MkII basically blew it away.
Yes I agree that the CD7 should blow it away. I cannot wait.
Bought the Transporter for the times that I am multi tasking. My vinyl still kills both of my present digital set ups, but I cannot listen to vinyl at night. I have a habit of the end of the day.
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For Dave Mitchell: I've also heard a rumor there is a new DAC in the works. Have you heard anything?
Not so fast. I owned a CD7 until I tried the Modwright transporter. No contest. The CD7 went for sale the next week. I few things about the CD7. Do not leave the CD door open when the unit is turned on. The door blocks the tubes from venting. Bad design. I opened my door and when looking for a CD and came back to problems. The tubes matter in which socket they go into even though they are all the same tube. Contact ARC before you install the tubes just to make sure because it's not real clear. The players runs very very hot and I mean hot, hotter then my amp. The last thing is that it has a very very high output voltage and can make some preamp clip so be careful. I thought my Ayre CX-5xe was a better sounding player over the CD7.

With the transporter using a MAC with error correcting and apple lossless makes a big difference. MAC does a very nice job getting all the data off the disk to start with.
Mtdking, it seems that you've had a bad experience with CD7 and the technical problems you encountered with the unit had big impact on your decision making. I can not really imagine what Modwright transporter should sound like to be better than CD7, because the unmodded one was not even half as good as my CD3. But, every system is different, so we should take into account system synergy and how different we all hear things.
Not really a bad experience just didn't care for it for the money. I still own a Ayre C-5xe but the Modwright is really better. If you don't believe how good the Modwright really is read the 6 moons review.

The modwright is nothing like the original transporter, I have both. It is like saying I really didn't like the Sony DVP-999es so the Modwright version must be only a little better. Wrong! Don't knock it till you try it. You don't see my knocking the CD7 if I didn't try it. I only pass on my personal experiences not hearsay.

I had my CD7 on all day since I listen to music when I work. I went through a set of tubes in 2 months. I had my Ref 3 on the same amount of time and I still have the same set of tubes. Go figure! I love my Ref 3 just not the CD7.