Audio Research Reference 3 and BAT spec 6H30

Dear fellow audio enthousiasts,

I'm considering to replace the original ARC 6H30 with 6H30 DR BAT (Balanced Audio Technology) specification (branded). Any issues to take care of?
Has anybody done this before and was it worth doing?


It depends on what you consider worth doing means to you.
The 6h30dr's are much better than the ARC 6h30's, more dynamic,deeper bass,highs more extended just better in every area. But the question is are they $300 better?
Right now Bat branded 6h30dr's are going for $400-450 pr. Right? If you can afford those prices, then I guess its worth doing.
I have the Bat dr's but when I purchased them(4yrs.ago)they were $180pr.which I thought was too expensive then!
I also have a pair of the 6h30dr's(not Bat branded but same quality)that I purchased 2yrs. ago for $100 pr. They're now going for $290-$310pr.
So, again you have to make that call. If you can afford it then go for it. The plus side is 6h30dr's have a life expectancy of 10,000hrs. which if you are conservative in your playing(2000 hrs.a yr.) means they can last 5-6yrs.
I agree with Eee3. I have tried every version of the 6H30 SuperTube and really do like the DR's the best. They are now very expensive, but IMHO, well worth the money.
This is good information to know, but here's my ancillary question....I have an AR VT100iii and an LS26, both of which have 6H30's...assuming I can't afford to replace all of them at the same time, would you recommend starting at the pre-amp or amp?
77jovian, I would start with the preamp there will be a noticable difference. The LS-26 is a great preamp and deserves the DR's but eventually you will have to do the amp as well as you'll be craving what the total DR's in your system can do.
I only have experience comparing NOS 6H30DR to new- production Sovtek 6H30 in a VK75SE. In that amp there is only minor improvement with DR, which diminishes as the tube ages. In my amp a fresh Sovtek surpassed a DR after about 1500 hours of use. Do the math and decide. Though a tube may survive for 10K hours, its gradual degredation in performance will vary by application.
In the 6H30 iteration of the APL Denon 3910, there was not any appreciable
difference between 6H30 and 6H30DR, IMO.
Agree with Dgarretson regarding the 6H30 in the VK75SE. BAT no longer supplies the DR tube as standard even in the REX where 8 are needed. Prices of the DR will only continue to rise as the supply falls.