Audio Research Pre Amp LS15

I have the Audio Research Pre Amp connected to the VT 100. Would I be able to connect my Ipod to it and if so where in the Pre Amp. Can I also connect a turntable

Thanks for helping

LS-15 doesn't have a built-in phono section. You'll have to get a separate phono preamp to use with your TT and the connect the phono pre to any available LS-15 line-level input.
As far as i-pod, I think you can connect it if you use mini-plug-to-RCA cable.
I am no expert in i-pods but I this Audioquest makes this cable that will allow your i-pod to be used the way you want
iPod has a mini jack on it that allows a stereo connection to a preamp. Simply choose a line-in source as you would any other component. I run my MacMini iTunes into my rig like this, and it sounds great (plus I can EQ the signal on crappy recordings). You'd have to look for a phono input for a TT.
Thanks for your help guys. At least I know I can play my Ipod in my system.

The I-pod dock allows easy connection to any of the "line-in" choices on your LS 15. If you want a great enhancement, Belkin makes a wireless transmitter that connects to the "headphone out" jack on your I-pod and a companion receiver that connects via rcas' to any of the "line-in" options on the ARC. This allows you to walk around with your I-pod and stream to your stereo, Very cool.

Sound quality may be compromised a bit, but, hell, it's an I-pod AND it's wireless remote!