Audio Connection/Johnny Rutan

Hello all, I just wanted to say a few words about my experience with Mr. Rutan over the weekend. I have read numerous threads on how helpful he is and what a nice guy he is. I want to take this opportunity to confirm everything is TRUE to the highest order. I spent most of Saturday afternoon on the phone with Mr. Rutan with him helping me trouble shoot a problem with an Aesthetix pre-amp I purchased used from an individual, he had no stake in the deal. He very patiently walked me many scenarios to find the problem, which he did. I would have never figured it out on my own and am deeply grateful for his help and guidance. He is without a doubt one of the best in the biz. Sincerely Allen Sill  Wichita, Kansas.

There is a first class gastropub down the street, Ariane Kitchen and Bar.  
Just wanted to add a little story about John. Lots of AGers probably came to his store when they were ready for "serious" gear. I had the opposite experience. I had a consumer grade Onkyo receiver and nothing special Yamaha speakers, when I decided to "move up" (was there really anywhere else to go? LOL). I drove to Verona NJ to buy what was surely his least expensive piece of gear, a vintage Luxman integrated. John made me feel exactly like I was the same as any other customer in his store. First showing me, and auditioning the Luxman. It was fine. Then sitting me down to audition a $100,000 system. No, no a crude upsell attempt, that was clear, but a nice educational moment for someone he knew would benefit from such an experience. Oh, and he called me a week or so later just to check that everything was working to my satisfaction! Amazing. I remember that moment more than 10 years ago as it set me on a path to ever improve my system, and really enjoy this hobby. Thanks John!
John is the BEST!!!!! I've known him and have been going to Audio Connection for 25 years!! Vandersteen, ARC, Audibille Illusions, Basis, Bryston, etc all products from and recommended by John. All of this gear delivers the sonic goods just as John said they would. Go see John at Audio Connection!!! Way Recommended!
just got off the phone with Johnny- mission accomplished!!!!!!!
thanks for all the help @bigkidz @gdnrbob and @cedargrover
@tomic601 if you are going to visit let me know and I will meet you there.