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Hello all, I just wanted to say a few words about my experience with Mr. Rutan over the weekend. I have read numerous threads on how helpful he is and what a nice guy he is. I want to take this opportunity to confirm everything is TRUE to the highest order. I spent most of Saturday afternoon on the phone with Mr. Rutan with him helping me trouble shoot a problem with an Aesthetix pre-amp I purchased used from an individual, he had no stake in the deal. He very patiently walked me many scenarios to find the problem, which he did. I would have never figured it out on my own and am deeply grateful for his help and guidance. He is without a doubt one of the best in the biz. Sincerely Allen Sill  Wichita, Kansas.

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Johnny is truly exceptional.  The service you get from him is second to none.  And he happens to be a really nice guy to spend time with.  

Glad that you had a good experience.
Definitely gonna stop by next time in Jersey. Can't wait to hear the Uber high end Vandersteens
I’ve had nothing but good experiences with John as well. Very knowledgeable and helpful. 
:-) NJ ain’t Kansas and certainly not Moorpark where your preamp was built !

nice to throw Johnny some sunshine

great dealer, person, music lover
As I posted about before, John actually made a house call to help me with a problem I was having with used gear that wasn’t purchased from Audio Connection. He is a prince among men. If I ever have any $ for audio gear, I will be sure to visit him in Verona.
Johnny R is one of the absolute best in the High End Audio business.  A true gentleman, music lover, and knows his product!
Several months back,  Johnny took my call and gave me very practical advice on purchasing a Previously Enjoyed piece of gear that was not his.  If buying from a dealer,  I would definitely call Johnny.  

I was lucky enough to purchase my Proac 2.5s from him about 15 years ago. Still my favorite speakers out of all I've heard.
My experience exactly.   You can see and hear his love for the music, as well as getting the gear to reproduce it.  Worth the drive from Vermont.  
I’ll add my own accolades. I’ve only been here a short time, but Johnny reached out to me, offered to chat in the phone to discuss my questions, (which I did), offered information and advice, and just reached out to me the other day offering to help me out further. This all about equipment not purchased through Audio Connection. Yes indeed, a true gentleman and asset to this community.
Sounds like all the buyers of used gear not from Johnny should pull together and send him lunch :-)
Walked into the Audio Connection to purchase a Bryston BDA-3.14 Streamer/DAC.  Hadn't been there in years.  Had a very pleasant conversation which included some haggling.  We agreed on the price and he ordered it right then and there.  I said thanks we shook hands and I asked how much he wanted me to put down on the piece.  He said "You're gonna come back and get it...right?" I said of course.  That was good enough for him. Pretty amazing considering its a $4K piece.
Just wanted to add a little story about John. Lots of AGers probably came to his store when they were ready for "serious" gear. I had the opposite experience. I had a consumer grade Onkyo receiver and nothing special Yamaha speakers, when I decided to "move up" (was there really anywhere else to go? LOL). I drove to Verona NJ to buy what was surely his least expensive piece of gear, a vintage Luxman integrated. John made me feel exactly like I was the same as any other customer in his store. First showing me, and auditioning the Luxman. It was fine. Then sitting me down to audition a $100,000 system. No, no a crude upsell attempt, that was clear, but a nice educational moment for someone he knew would benefit from such an experience. Oh, and he called me a week or so later just to check that everything was working to my satisfaction! Amazing. I remember that moment more than 10 years ago as it set me on a path to ever improve my system, and really enjoy this hobby. Thanks John!
John is the BEST!!!!! I've known him and have been going to Audio Connection for 25 years!! Vandersteen, ARC, Audibille Illusions, Basis, Bryston, etc all products from and recommended by John. All of this gear delivers the sonic goods just as John said they would. Go see John at Audio Connection!!! Way Recommended!
just got off the phone with Johnny- mission accomplished!!!!!!!
thanks for all the help @bigkidz @gdnrbob and @cedargrover
@tomic601 if you are going to visit let me know and I will meet you there.

@bigkidz ,
Tomic is on the other side of the country.
@tomic601 .
Glad to hear you got it done.
Another happy Audio Connection customer. I met John in 1994 when I moved from NYC to Maplewood. Before John my audio dealer was Andy Singer. Honestly I got along well with Andy but John was so much more interested in helping me get the sound I wanted from my system. He came out to the house, listened to my system and made the appropriate recommendations that helped achieve the sound I was looking for. Before meeting John I wasted a lot of money churning gear that didn't work well together. John taught me about system synergy and introduced me to a lot of great new music. On the analog front, Nick is the best turntable setup guy I have come across.

I have changed gear a bit as I moved a few times and my priorities changed. John helped me through the changes and always helped me maintain the system sound that worked best for me. I cannot recommend him highly enough!
Built my system entirely on recommendations from John Rutan.  Vandersteen VLR, Belles Aria and Audioquest cabling.  Never have met in person, but every conversation is a treat.  First call for future system upgrades.  Must visit in person once the dust clears 
There is something about this guy that is different than the garden variety hifi sales dude. He has a ton of experience and he genuinely treats his customers like their satisfaction is a high priority. He's a cool cat with a sharp wit and an even sharper ability to summon all of his considerable attributes in the service of figuring out what will work best for each individuals needs. He talks to you like a real human being, not some hipster wise guy with an agenda and an inflated ego. He cuts through the clutter and the chaos in a way that brings clarity and sensibility to the table. I wouldn't drive 3 1/2 hours, one way, to hob knob with just any audio dealer, or anybody period. If you love music, and you want the right gear to transport you to audio nirvana, then give Johnny R a visit. You won't regret it.
Absolutely one of the nicest guys in the audio business, knowledgeable in all things audio. A fun time always whether speaking on phone or in person. When I look back at all the great guys I met in the audio biz, John is at the top.
Counting the days until they open again...want another listen to the Belles Aria for my ProAc Response D2s...
Greetings, Thanks for comments  I try to answer the phones all along and now Ok for Verona curbside pick up appointments. goethe58 have an extra Belles Aria Loaner if you want an in-home listen just ring and will make it happen. A while back I think you needed CD storage maybe now available in Paramus NJ
  Best, JohnnyR
@audioconnection ,
It's too bad Ikea stopped making their old CD storage unit. It had a drawer that tilted out. I have a back room full of CD's and it looks pretty cool.
You'll see it when I get the Sub 3's. If I can get some energy, I'll post a pic.
I use those Gnedby cabinets, as well in my living room. They had a different name when I bought them. And, they came in black.
There's no need to add to the accolades for John, but maybe add a new view:  John is very good at getting you the best sound quality for your money.  His product lines, to me, are long on value and sound quality and short on bling.  His very extensive knowledge of high end audio enables him to know what works best with what, and make cost effective recommendations based on that knowledge.  I've built a superb system (sorry...) over nearly 20 years working with John and buying his products.  Boy does it sound great!
Jim Heckman
Just google Audio Connection (in New Jersey), they have a web page, including a phone number.