Audience aR6-TSS Power Conidtionor

I’m using an Audience aR6-TSS Power Conditioner since last year Summer and I just love it. Everytime after I use it, I will switch it off, but Audience’s dealer told me unless I’m not at home for a long period. Otherwise, I better to turn it on continually everyday without switch it off.  Otherwise, the switch may worn out later if I turn it it on and off everyday.   I don’t feel safe if I switch it on continually, especially when I left home to work. So what is the correct answer?

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Unless your neighborhood experience frequent power outages, it's perfectly ok to leave the aR6 'ON' at all times. 

I own a pair of aR6-TSSOX and they always stay 'ON' in my system. As your dealer suggested, you should only turn them off when you are going away on vacation or in case of thunderstorm/lightning.  
I have 2 AR6TSSOX units never turn them off as it take 24 hrs warm up for them to sound there best.I also recommend you update to TSSOX if you can afford it you will get better stage,bass,depth etc.Good luck.

Thanks lalitk & ebm

Thanks for advice!  Please let me know how noticeable the difference in sound quality between a AR6-TSS and AR6-TSS-OX? What cost to upgrade an aR6-TSS to Ar6-TSSOX? Also how long does it take to receive it back?

BTW, if I to leave my aR6-TSS 'ON' at all times, can I put a thin cloth to cover it?  Because my home is quite easy to have dust.

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Call Audience for price i think its about $1,600 unit will have better stage ,better bass detail etc.The switch on the back is a circuit breaker not an on/off switch.Again good luck.

The OX upgrade is highly recommended.  I spent another 1K on upgrading all the outlets from Cardas to Furutech GTX-D, rhodium plated receptacles.  I am not sure if you already upgraded to Au24SE power cord, which yields tremendous improvements over the regular power cord.  

I suggest you call Audience directly to access the upgrade cost.  You may speak to Alex Keller at 1-800-565-4390. 

from Audience website, The OX upgrade includes: 
 - Rhodium over copper duplexes - for increased conductivity improving every aspect of sound reproduction.
 - Gold over copper forks - replacing previous tin over copper forks connecting filter capacitors to the receptacles. This provides a noticeably more refined sound.
 - OCC (oxygen free continuous cast) copper wiring throughout. This is one of the most significant improvements ever made providing a big improvement in resolution, speed and soundstaging.

Hi ebm and lalitk

Thanks for information! Do you think if I already using Furutech GTX-D (Rhodium plated) Receptacles at home, it is useful to upgrade my AR6-TSS outlet to Furutech GTX-D (R)?

PS: This is what I’m using at home for my audio and AV system:


I bought my AR6-TSS last year around USD 5150, but I don’t bought Audience’s Au24SE power cord.  I’ve bought a brand new Neotech NEP-3200 OP-OCC Copper Power cable to work with my AR6-TSS. This is an amazing PC! I don’t think the sound quality is far away with Au24SE, but I just pay it less than USD 600 (Include Neutrik's powerCON 20A and a Furutech Rhodium plated connector), I ask my friend to DIY for me There are only 2 or 3 manufacturer to produce OP-OCC copper cable in this world, and Taiwan Neoetch is the largest manufacturer to do OP-OCC Copper OEM business, sometime I doubt if Au24SE is also produced by Neotech.

Since I’m located in Hong Kong, I bought my AR6-TSS from Audience’s distributor in here. And I believe I need to go through their distributor if I want any upgrade. So I guess the upgrade cost is much more than USD 1000. I will check it with their distributor.  For such expensive cost, I need to listen and compare the difference first.


Questions:   May I know what price of a AR6-TSS in U.S. now (net price, after discount)?  And how long you receive your AR6-TXXOX back?  

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Hi lalitk and edm

Have you compare AR6-TSS and AR6-TSSOX at the same time? If you can give score on it, how many scores you will give these two products? Supposed 100 is highest score.

For example:
AR6-TSSOX = If you give 100
AR6-TSS = 95? 90? 85?....



I did not compare the TSS and TSSOX side by side.  So it would be hard to score simply because level of improvements are purely subjective and relative to associate gear.  

I have owned every possible iteration of Audience line conditioners. With each upgrade I have heard improvements in my system. 

You can find great price on used line conditioner on Audiogon. I saw couple of aR6-TSSOX in the range of $4K with Au24SE power cord. That's almost 50% savings.  
Another vote for leaving the power conditioner "on".

re TSS vs TSSOX, I had the TSSD and TSSOX side by side and IME the difference was at least as good when I upgraded from the T to TSS. As expected, the law of diminishing returns remains valid here.

I happen to install the bypass caps in the xo of my speakers and the result is crazy good, my system has never sounded so good before, I get almost everything I can hope for, giving the setup with limited room treatment.