audia flight opinions

i see this brand showing up on agon a little more often . not too many reviews, and sadly no close dealer. im very interested in the flight 50 amp, 50 watts pure class a. im using a pair of sonus faber cremona's . seems like quality gear from what info ive been able to gather, any user opinions ?
Go to Musical Sounds website, its all over Agon,they will get you going.
I have heard an all Audia Flight system at an audio group members house. He was using the 100wpc class A only amp with custom made wild technology speakers. The pre and CD were both overshadowed by one of the best sounding amps I have ever heard for an SS amp anyway. It is just what you want authoratative, full, brass balls bass that sings not coughs, forceful, warm and for a blessed instance an amp like that which is lightening fast. I liked it enough to buy it if I ever have money again. I only had a twenty on me and was short just a few grand. Wonder no more it is the real deal.
i owned a Audia Flight One intergrated amp, very clean sound. love the amp but like u said, no dealer around, and it broke down recently, send mail to AUDIA factory to ask some question, they dont even bother to reply. I'd not encourage you to buy this product if you dont have close dealer, bcos when it break down, you cant expect any help from the factory.

I only just noticed your question...

Well I have heard the Flight 50 and it is VERY good.

I was so fortunate to hear a shop local to me in the UK was selling a Flight 100... I walked in and they asked politely what I might be interested in?..

I almost exactly stated what Mechans said above... and that I wanted a powerful amp that would drive ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, plenty of headroom, found all the detail that was there, was not harsh at all, plenty of clear and punchy bass, made all instruments sound like they should sound and are there in the room, etc, etc...

The reply was 'well you're not asking for much then'.. and 'well, we just might have something...come and have a look...'

I listened to the Audia Flight 100 and quickly made them swap the expensive, but horrid Monitor Audio speakers for something that doesn't sound like nails on a chalk board...

They returned with the managers own Kef speakers...which were a great improvement I think the ref 3.2 or something and very new (about £5,500.00 UK to buy I remember)

I listened for a while...just because I could (I already knew I was buying this amp now).

I bought it and I will NOT be selling it.

I have driven several speaker combinations, using different cables...Speakers include ATC, Dynaudio, Kef...and CURRENTLY Avalon Acoustic Ascendant Mk.1 (I will not be selling the Ascendants either!).

I have loved Hifi for 25 years and never really stopped looking and listening... Music is the most important thing...not the Hifi, but I think I am pretty well home now...

Listen to one if you can; I would be interested in any comments.

The Dagogo and 6 Moons reviews were pretty good I think.

I guess that was more than two cents worth, but hey, It's what I feel about my Flight 100.

PS. FORGOT TO SAY; I had no manual with it, but I sent an email to Massimiliano Marci at Audia Flight and got a PDF Manual copy for nothing...and within a week! Ralph Ward from Henley Designs in the UK was very helpful too!

Kind regards
The Audia Flight 100 and 50 are both very good amps. Wide bandwidth, smooth treble and nice detail without being at all harsh. This is likely attributable to the Class A bias. The amp is very well made, has custom heat sinks and chassis rather than DIY parts and incredibly deep and tight bass. The AF100 compares favorably by spec with most any amp around its price class (2 x 700VA enclosed transformers, nearly 200,0000 µF in energy storage, WBT binding posts). It is very heavy, over 100 pounds. I had the AF50, similar with slightly less deep bass control. I still have the AF100. I found the AF100 to be a better value the the Lamm M1.2 Reference amps which I had simultaneously (the Lamms are very good, incredible tonality and nice, moderately damped bass but the build quality seems a bit tinny for the suggested retail price. I cannot impeach the sound but the build was a bit underwhelming).
Is it worth to upgrade from AF 50 to AF 100?
About a year ago I went to the local dealer I frequent and noticed that they were now an Audia Flight dealer. I had never heard of the brand. In one of the smaller rooms they had one of the integrated amps, the middle model I think, with the matching CD player driving Dynaudio C1's with all entry level Shunyata signal cables and Shunyata power cords and the sound of this system absolutely floored me. I went back to the store recently and they still had the same system set-up. I was curious if it was maybe just something about that first time I heard the Audia Flight gear and if maybe this time around I wouldn't be impressed. Well, don't you know this system upon second listen sounded even better than I remember it sounding the first time I heard it. If I was in the market for a new simple two channel rig that wouldn't completely break the bank this would be it.
First bought Audia Flight 2 int amp in 2007. A versatile int amp which could manage from Linn Tukan with or without sub, to Sonus Faber minis like Concertino Home or Minima, to Rogers Studio 1 with respective cables. Bought Flight CD 2 in 2010. Excellent player. This year bought Flight Pre Mk 3, Flight 100 and Flight CD 1 Mk 2. Getting quite addicted to Audia's neutral, transparent, warm and relaxed sound with lightning fast reactions and very extended frequency range. No need to crank it up. Just enjoy pure class A handling of the source material with unlimited headroom. All you hear is the result of the source and speakers. Audia disappears from the chain of equipment. Recommended.
I have the pre and it is very good but I had to get rid of my house due to bad health. It is great but quite heavy and I am going to lighter equnent. If any of you are intrested  let me know and I will run an ad.