AT33PTG/II cart leads removable?

Was trying some different leads and when removing the AT leads from the cartridge it pulled the entire blue pin out of the cartridge itself.

Is that normal or is thing now trash


im only getting audio from the right channel so I hope I’m wrong 😑 


No, not normal. Is it under warranty? One year I believe. 

If not, it could be fixed by VAS or similar, if it makes sense per cost of repair.

I would check with Audio Technica.

1. even if out of warranty, they might fix it for not too much money.

2. they have a trade-in program, I sent mine in suspecting my stylus was worn, they said yes it was, sold me a new cartridge for half the price of the original one.



the connector's ends are NOT the same diameter.

headshell end is 1.0mm

cartridge end is 1.2mm



perhaps someone used too much force putting the 1.0mm connector on the cartridge 1.2mm pins.