Budget Moving Coils: AT-OC9 ML II vs AT33PTG?

Has anyone here ever sat down an listened to the difference between the Audio-Technica AT-OC9 MLII (the newer version of the original AT-OC9) and the AT33PTG?

Both cartridges are close in price, but the AT33PTG sells for a few dollars more than the AT-OC9 MLII. Also, the AT33PTG is not a US item, but is available in the States through a couple of importers.

If you have listened the the difference between the two, please let us know which one you like better and why. Also, how far away are either of these cartridges from the Shelter 501 MkII?
Let me first say that I'm a big fan of the OC9MLII. To compare the systems, I have once ordered a 33PTG in Japan.
( Now you can buy it in Germeny too )
The 9 has the absolute flat frequency and impulse response.
The 33 sounds a little "after". Seems that the damping is
not as perfect like the 9. Over this the frequency response
is not really flat: bass and treble come with much power what can cause much fun, even if your equipment is a little
faint and you don't listen with high pressure.
Otherwise cups a blown away from the table. This was the reason for me to give away the 33 and to buy a second 9
for my other turntable.
Kind regards