Clearaudio Maestro Wood or AT33PTG/II For Rega P5

I know it will be down to taste and listening preferences. Nevertheless, in general which cart will offer a higher level of playback on a Rega P5, the Clearaudio Maestro Wood MM or Audio Technica AT33PTG/II MC? In terms of speed, resolution, detail retrieval, bass punch and dynamics, which cart is superior?

I used to have the original version of AT33PTG on the P5 and liked it a lot. It is a huge upgrade from the Denon DL103 that I previously owned. Due to a mishap I am now looking for a replacement. How does the Clearaudio Maestro Wood compare to the AT33PTG/II?

Any thoughts appreciated.
I have both cartridges: Audio Technica AT33PTG (mounted on a SME 3009, Garrard 301) and Clearaudio Maestro (mounted on a Morch DP-6, Thorens TD-124). Before letting them staying permanently with their matches, I have switched them around a bit, and found that both of them are excellent cartridges. The AT33PTG is a tad smoother, sweeter, more intimate sounding, and the Maestro is fuller body, more powerful in the bass, offer a bit wider and deeper soundstage. Both of them are excellent trackers, also. They are equal in resolution/detail retrieval, with the Maestro offers more solid bass punch, while the AT33PTG is a tad more refine/smoother on high frequencies.

This is my own impression about them. Hope it helps.
Thanks Jaytea. It is a coincidence that you own both cartridges. Your description on the differences between both cartridges is certainly useful as a friend may be selling his Clearaudio Maestro Wood, and I am thinking of trying it out. I think I can roughly imagine how the Maestro Wood would sound like from your description. I suppose the AT33PTG is a more refined cart and more delicate in its presentation, hence more intimate sounding. The Maestro on the other hand has a more energetic and "big sound" delivery. I'm not too surprised that the Maestro offers more punch in the bass department than the AT33PTG as the latter is well known for its rather lightweight bass though it excels in other areas.

Thanks again for the useful information.
Hi Ryder,

In my previous post, I stated that "while the AT33PTG is a tad more refine/smoother on high frequencies", and I meant "on high frequencies" only. To my ears, the Clearaudio Maestro is THE best sounding MM cartridge and it's on par with many many many higher priced MC cartridges. I have owned Koetsu Urushi, Lyra Helikon, Benz Micro Ruby3, Dynavector XX2 MK2, and I also listened to ZYX, higher model of Dynavector..etc...NONE of them make me wanna upgrade/change the combo of Morch DP6 & Clearaudio Maestro hehehe. That combo on my restored Thorens TD-124 gives me everything i could ask for when I listen to music.

Try it out. With MSPR of $1000 ('s raised to $1200 now), You'd get it cheaper used, and if you dont like it, sell it back. I dont think you'll lose anything nor it is hard to sell.

Just make sure your arm is a good match for it.

If you can, update me of how you like it.
Hi Jaytea,

Thanks again for the post. I will update this thread if it happens that I end up with the Clearaudio Maestro. However, it wouldn't be too soon, probably in the 3rd quarter of the year when he is done with the Maestro and wants to try something else.

I guess the Clearaudio Maestro is the costliest cartridge(when bought used) that I would consider on my lowly Rega P5 which comes with a decent RB700 arm. Similarly the owner of the Maestro only had good things to say about the cartridge. Hopefully it will tranform the Rega deck to something special. The cheap Ortofon cartridge that is currently on the turntable right now is just not listenable.

Any recommendations on a cartridge that is superior to the Clearaudio Maestro Wood? My friend doesn't know what to replace it with.