ASL Hurricane's -- paper-in-oil, verdict?

OK, now that the "new" version of this much lauded amp is out in the marketplace, does anyone have an evaluation of the "paper-in-oil" caps vs. the MIT caps version that Harry Pearson gushed over?

HP is supposed to do a follow-up, but who knows when that will be....

Yes...I'd be interested to hear if there is a difference also. Mine are the original's with the Multi caps.....
I guess the only way to do that is to trade with someone with the newer version. I, for example, have the newer version, but I couldn't say whether or not it's less "magical" than the original. The likeliest assistance in this case will come from dealers who sold both versions.
Any dealers want to comment on this forum??

Considering the meteoric popularity of this amp, why aren't there more postings here?

As one of the core reasons for this great forum is to help and assist those of us considering a purchase (and who are in the dark), we're all waiting....

C'mon Hurricane owners, chime in!!
I have had both the MIT cap version and the latest PIO (GREEN METAL)CAP version. I prefer the Newest version. The mid-range seems a little smoother and the highs are more extended. The Mid-bass is just as neutral. I would definitely recommend the newer version.

The newer version also has a Triode mode, I prefer the Pentode mode. The sound is a bit dark and closed in running Triode.

See my comments on the tube rolling thread for my recommendations on changing both the power tubes and the signal tubes.

I hope that helps
Excellent description by Rb99. We have sold many of both versions and I have used both versions in my personal system. Prefer the newer paper in oil caps and I do not care for the amp operating in TRIODE at all. Seems to lose the air and continuosness that HP describes so well in his review. The newer caps take longer to break-in. I have no particular bias on this matter as the older caps are available and some customers have ordered that way despite our advice.
All right guys, finally! Thanks for the observations!

Also, those interested, I found some further reading at the site with comparisions between the two versions. Arthur also seems to prefer the latest "oil in paper" version.

I guess considering the overall low price of admission, it's probably hard to go wrong with the Hurricanes.
Just thought I'd "update", those concerned, on the Hurricane's.

I took the plunge, and purchased the oil-in-paper cap version (latest iteration), and well, after 'bout 150 hrs. "burn in", all I can say is WOW.

I'll put it straight and to the point (& from the heart)... Un-freakin' believable! I am finally in sonic nirvana.

After almost 28 years puttering around in this moving-target, carrot-on-the-stick, wife looking at me like "wha the %#$$??!! I have NEVER heard my system, indeed ANY system, sound so LIFE LIKE and MUSICAL.

I can now see/HEAR why the tube-heads out there are such a dedicated bunch.

I should know 'cause now I'm one of them.

Anyone even CONSIDERING tube amplification should ABSOLUTELY audition a well broken-in pair of these.

For under $5k, I feel like I stole them.

Anyone with any questions feel free to contact me anytime.

I am not a dealer, or associated with any "high-end" company, just an audio-nerd like the rest of you.

Signing off with a big audiophile grin,

Denf, Are you running the stock tubes or have you rolled in some NOS or other tubes?
Stock ... for now
Denf....this is wonderful! I am happy you are in sonic bliss!! I am wondering if the "oil-in-paper" version is the latest or if the one Rb99 (PIO (GREEN METAL)CAP version)
is the latest?? My Hurricanes are the origional (MIT caps). Did you purchase yours as the latest or did you have yours updated??
Rwd; I purchased mine as the latest version, oil-in-paper installed. Also has the "triode/pentode" switch. Still continue to be amazed at the sound of these iron-fist in a velvet-glove beauties!

They continue to sound more "relaxed" and even more dynamic with more burn-in.

I'm also equally impressed with the incredible bass I get out of 'em! Surpasses anything else I've owned up to this point -- and they have all been solid state (!?) Go figure!

Welp, back to sonic nirvana!