Arm / Cart compatibility

Arm: old SME 3012, 9.5g effective wt.

Cart: old Cardas Myrtle Heart, 9.1g wt, 15 CU compliance.


Is this a good marriage ?

By age-old wisdom, this SME needs a "super compliant" cart.
Is 15 CU "super compliant" ?

Table should not matter in this question (should it ?).
Hi, 9.5g eff mass is not a super light arm. There are a wide range of carts that will work with the arm as far as compliance is concerned. A resonance estimator, allowing 2g for screws, gives a resonance of 9.05Hz - perfectly acceptable.

But this doesn't address the question if this is really a good combo. I don't know.
'By age-old wisdom, this SME needs super compliant cart'?
You are probable confusing 3012 with 3009. The 3012 was/is
used with the 'old SPU' carts. Then 'the old Cardas Myrtle Heart' is probable the Benz Ruby 3 first version. To my mind no problem with either separate nor togheter.

Get your calculator out :-)
Just a quick thanks, Gents, that's a big help.
I'm learning !
Nandric, would you mind a question about your system ?
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Thank you !