Are Virtual dynamics speaker cables worth the $$$

I've heard a lot of positive resonses about the Virtual Dynamics Power Cords and IC's. I was wondering if anyone has tried any of their speaker cables. If so, which model and what did you think? I'm currently using Monster 2.4's which aren't bad but I think there's better out there.
Looking for any suggestions.
I don't use the VD speaker cables, however, I do use their power cables and they represent great value-per-dollar-spent. From what I can see, the speaker cable line is priced higher than power cables. I'm sure the products get the job done, but at their price point you have many options from many manufacturers. You did not list the components (amp and speakers) you are using. If you post that info, I'm sure folks here would be more than willing to offer some suggestions to you.
virtual dynamics ARE GIANT KILLERS. its not often that i add a piece to my system that just flat out gives me goose bumps. any of their power cords simple beat the others in that category (price range). I have not tried anything above the night series so to think that it can even get better excites me. I believe that cable importance is as follows: power cords, speaker cables, then interconnects. After playing around for a while, the only pc i would even consider at this moment are the ones from virtual and of coarse the ELROD pc's. If you do your research youll come to the same conclusion. since im not rolling in money i refuse to spend over $600 for any cord, cable or wire. In my opinion its just not neccesary. The used market on audiogon supports my philosophy. It sould be easy to add a couple pc for cheap. I have two elrod III's, one VD night 1, and one VD power3. My goal is to eventually have all my wires elrod and VD night II but im not there yet. My cheapest pc is attached to my sub due to the importance of each component.

p.s. cryoed is where its at! If you are wondering what the cheapest way to upgrade your system do as follows:
- cryoed direct line from 20amp breaker w/ copper connect
- to cryoed 20 amp jena lab or VD oulet
- get some nice pc's
- plug any amp or speaker directly into the outlet (unless you are going crazy and picking up a top of the line Sound Application conditioner or the equivalent... jena lab etc I think ps audio stuff is the cheapest out of the bunch, YOU WILL BE ROBBING THE AMPS OF POWER AND THEY WILL NOT PERFORM THE WAY THEY ARE SUPPOSSED TO. you need something that is ZERO current limiting... trust me on this and thats a lot of money. In regards to surge protection etc its this simple... when it starts to thunder unplug everything. NOthing you buy will 100% protect your stuff its all fluff and your going to have to educate yourself with fact as oppossed to the bull shit some companies say in order to sell things. talk to an electrician who has worked in a hospital and youll get educated real quick. The equipment that is used in hospitals is a hell of alot more important and sensitive than our stuff. if it gets screwed up people die and the hospital gets sewed. YES NO.
- when it come to digital front end or tv's etc the right power conditioners are useful.

feel free to comment on my comments but i think most people will support me unless they are the money is no object type if people. The funny thing is that you always think you know whats up until someone comes along and really educates you. hind sight is 20/20. A truelly intelligent man knows that he truelly knows nothing.
I recently had VD Nite PC, SC and IC. I sold all of them and purchased Signal Cable wires. There is NO difference in the performance of these cables! I have Cary Audio CD player and integrataed tube amplification and Paradigm Studio 100 speakers. While I like the VD Nite cables, they are WAY over priced. I sold all of my VD cables and purchased two PCs, one IC and 9 feet of doulbe bi-wired SC for $400! I found the Signal Cables to perform just as well as the VD.
I have a 10' biwire set of their Audition cables. Terminated with banana plugs. I find the cable generally good in many respects but these are my major faults in them:
Too much bass emphasis and too much treble roll off. If you were looking to tune your system with a set of cables this might be your answer. I also have a single run of Harmonic Technology Pro-11 speaker cable. I find the balance of frequencies and soundstaging better with this cable. As to the price of it all, only you can decide.
Let me retract that last statement. I put the VD biwire Auditions back in and much prefer them to the HT Pro-11. Much less grain. I do think the HT's image a little better but not by much.