Sound Dynamics RTS-3's need what amps?

I've ordered (on the strength of TAS's recommendation) a pair of Sound Dynamics RTS-3's. I figure if I don't like them, I won't lose too much. I plan to run them with an Audio-Pro B-250 subwoofer. What amp/preamp combo will boogie with this setup? I'm not opposed to an integrated amp, but am willing to pre-power if necessary. Obviously, with the self-powered sub, I don't need mondo watts, but I do want something that will compliment the sound of the SD's. The tube / solid state question is something I can figure out once the speakers arrive & I can listen to them. I thought that someone else might have some already, though, and I might benifit from your experience... Thanks!
hi dont laugh i had a while ago a hooked my krell full po- wer 300 amp hooked up to it there amazing maybe a little boxy sound at some term but not fequent dont get scared i shouldnt say boxy but im getting fanatical lol these seakers r amasing for the price there wide open and they dont bottom out they could take a beating there not bright at all if they r in your system its something else what amps u should try ill give u few matters on your budget here goes;krell kav 150 intergraded would be the best ive heard it but if pricey go sim audio celestie interggade amps forgot the mdel numbers or NAD or better yet parasound im not a dealer but im a audio nut these speakers r great . seperate amps u should try but the HI end intergrades like the krell u might be the happiest person .well eM me i u like if u need more tips bye ps enjoy MGWATT
rogue amp and pre amp may work well