Power conditioners and amp dynamics???

I know the rule of thumb is to plug one's power amp into the wall outlet, preferably a dedicated line, but in my case, my electrical sytem is very prone to brown outs, black outs, and all manner of power interruptions and surges on a weekly basis (all the power lines in my neighborhood run underground, have insulation that is ancient, and my power is impacted every time it rains). Given this scenario, can you guys give me a short list of power conditioners that would protect my large (125W) solid state power amp from these problems and, to your ears, not restrict dynamics?
From what I understand, as long as the conditioner is not current limited you should be ok.
I'm also interested in reading opinions.

I'm personally running a Monster Cable HTS3500, with a set of Moretto KT-88 mono-blocks.

I have also read that power conditioners can degrade the overall sound, but this has not been my experience with my above mentioned configuration.

I do not hear any difference in dynamics, but can attest that my system is now dead quite with the system paused, I can literally stick my ear up to my tweeter and not hear any hiss.

I feel that in my modest system, the HTS3550 has provided an improvement.

I have also read that the HTS3500 is not a true power conditioner, but more or less a filter.
I'd look for balanced power transforers/systems. They can yield up to 120dB common mode noise rejection while providing multi-kilovolt protection from lightening, surges, brown-outs, etc. Many have added filters to remove further noise without limiting dynamics.

Beware though, many cheap (and high priced) "conditioners do have a negative effect in certain systems. The best I've heard about are:

Exact Power

Equi=Tech - big players in the pro audio and TV industry.

Richard Grey Power - I personally had his Powerstation 400 and Pole Pig in my system and they wored wonders. I have a terrible 60/120Hz hum or buzz in my AC line and the RGPC units had my system sounding dead quiet. Of course, I have low power SET amps, so my current demands are nothing like yours.
shunyata hydra 2's are specificially made for you situation. You do have to unplug and replug after a power failure/surge but there great. I use two of them on my Mac MC501's in Fl where our power truly sucks!
Mp666, I run two sets of monoblocks( Pass Labs XA-100's and Threshold SA-1's) through a Running Springs Audio Jaco line conditioner with great benefits with no loss of microdynamics/slam/punch at all.

I posted a review on the Jaco here on the GON, which will provide the details that piece would offer you in your system.
Audioprism makes or made line conditioners of great value and they do not restrict power.
I've run a number of high quality amplifiers including Pass XA-60 mono blocks, Art Audio PX-25 mono blocks, and Atma-Sphere M-60 mono blocks into Running Springs and Audience power conditioners. Every time it sounded better running the amps directly into dedicated lines.

This may largely depend on the quality of your municipal power supply but in my case direct into dedicated lines was clearly superior.

The thing to understand here is that active power conditioners regardless of the make use electronics to clean the power. Invariably they reduce dynamics. You want to use a passive cleaners such as the Shunyata Hydra series. In their case it's just like plugging your gear into the wall except you get power cleaning and surge protection.
look up sound applications, their units sometimes are available via the 'Gon. It was the best one for my ears.
I recently put together a DIY AC power conditioner (Risch design) and have the pre, amp, & CDP plugged into it. I did do A-B testing on several dynamic CDs and there's no change that I can hear. It cleaned up the sound nicely too.

APS - no smoke and mirrors


1) Regulate the line voltage to an exact 120 volts, at all times.
2) Totally clean the line of all distortion.
3) Protect your gear from line spikes & surges.
4) Battery backup runs your system even with a total blackout.
5) Provides huge short term instantaneous peaks that do not compress power amps.

These units make perfect power and do not compress dynamics like the other Regenerators from PS and Exact Power. They are available in Silver or Black finish and can be shelf, vertical, or rack mountable.

Advantages are as follows:
a) True regenerated AC power offers total isolation from power disturbances & noise. as well as total protection from spikes & surges

b) It produces a pure analog sine wave. This Perfect AC allows your system to perform constantly up to spec, even under peak power conditions.

c) The Powerful integrated battery keeps AC keeps flowing with full protection even in a blackout. This protects delicvate integrated circuits and is especially important to protects DLP and LCD lamps.

d) With a 3:1 crest factor these units deliver peak instantaneous watts of 1500, 2100 and 3150 respectively.
No current limiting means that your anps will not be compressed with these units.

e) Electrical approval - These units are approved by CE, UL, CSA. They meet the electrical code unlike many of the competition that could never get UL approval. Simply put, these untis are safer than the competition.

There are three models available. They are:
1) Purepower 1050- Produces 1650 watts of perfect 120 volts continuous power with 1575 watts short term and very short term peaks of up to 36 amps (over 3150 watts) $2495.00 retail

2) Purepower 700- Produces 1000 watts of perfect 120 volts continuous power with 1050 watts short term and very short term peaks of up to 24 amps (over 2100 watts)$2195.00 retail

3) Purepower 500- Produces 750 watts of perfect 120 volts continuous power with 1000 watts short term and very short term peaks of up to 18 amps (over 1500 watts)$1749.00 retail