Are these Altec Voice Of The Theatre?

I think they are a home version of VOTT but they don't have any Altec badges. They do have an 808-8A horn and a 416-8A 15" woofer, a hefty choke crossover and a port below the woofer. They are in a plywood veneer cabinet 23"W x 36"H x 18"D with the grill 21.5" x 21.5" and the back panel is MDF.

Does anyone have any idea of possible model numbers? I'm wondering if someone just put the components in his own box? Any thoughts or insights are very welcome.

Photos available here:

Thank you,
Bill Megalos
Venice, CA
It looks like a homemade design using some of the components of a VOTT, but it's certainly NOT a VOTT. Anyway here's a link to the NEW VOTT A7.

Btw, back in the day "early '70s" one of the bands I used to be associated with used a pair of VOTT has PA speakers.

We had a number of VOTT systems in our lab, and they looked pretty much like the unit on the link by Cleanuphippy, minus the closed-in lower section. They did not look like the box you have, but IIRC, Altec did try to package the components into more domestic friendly cabinets, and that may be what you have. I built cabinets using the A7 compnents with little acoustic success. As I recall, VOTT were available with at least two sizes of sectorial horns, each having a different crossover frequency. I seem to remember 300 or 500 Hz, but it's been decades.

I was raised in Venice, went to Stanford as a post doc, then lived in the hills behind Stanford (Portola Valley) during my career. We now live in Montecito, a village adjacent to Santa Barbara.

As a olde guy I do remember there was "Altec" and "Altec Lancing; not that I know the difference.
It could be a homemade Valencia. Here's a link to various Altec products.