Are the new Ohm Walsh speakers Audiophile quality?

Considering buying the Ohm Walsh 2000 Tall but very few reviews has me questioning there quality. Any thoughts?
From the Ohm website...

“The Ohm CLS Driver is a vertical line source that combines inherently perfect time and phase alignment and uniform polar frequency response”.

As for the sound and quality... plenty of positive reviews about the sound...but the veneer application may not always be a 10. 

 Is the tweeter time aligned? Doesn’t it have a bass reflex port?
I’d really like to see a step response confirm this.
Well here is the published skinny:

Says they are “coherent” ie Coherent Line Source.

All I can add is they both look and sound coherent to me.

I also have kef ls50 metas. Those look and sound coherent to me as well.
^i believe the KEF has a second order cross-over and a rear port. In which case: no.