Are the B&W 700 series sterilized of late?

Are the B&W 700 series sterilized of late? I make a request for it. Thanks.
I hope so.
I'm guessing you made a mistake in translation. Try again!!
Hope you can find out what you want to know. Sterilized is not the word you want. Sterilized means it has been cleaned of all germs.
Elizabeth, that's so nice of you. Civility is good.
Yes, all 700s Serial numbers are consecutive and come in pairs.
I would remove the woofer, to check if there are any bugs, or mice that might have crawled in through the speaker ports. Very common for speakers that are used in a basement system, cause the wife would not let them have a system set up in the living room of the house. Never buy a speaker from a basement audiophile!!!