Are my speakers blown???

I have slowly began to notice that my stereo sounds badly distorted (crackling), mainly in the tweeters of my Alon1's, at a medium to high volume. I REALLY noticed it when I replaced my ancient Sonographe CD player with a Rega Planet. It sounds wonderful at lower levels, but can't handle loudness. I suspect that my Conrad Johnson PV10A (pre-amp) may need new tubes. I am not a techie, so I'm guessing. Amp being used is a BK ST1400 (older). The wierd thing is, my Nak tape deck does not cause any noticable distortion. I aslo suspect that the Planet has a higher output level and a greater freq range than the tape player. I really appreciate everyone's help!!!! Brad - Atlanta
Well, if the distortion is very similar between the two speakers, it is probably NOT the speakers. One would expect only one speaker to fail at any time, or for them to have different sounding distortion from each, considering they are mechanical devices. My best guess would be that your cd player is overloading the preamp's input. Or, the preamps tubes or something else in the preamp is definitely going, and cannot handle the higher signal of the cd player......
I tend to agree that it doesn't sound like your speakers, especially if the tape doesn't do it at the same type of volumes. It sounds like the CD is overloading the input of the preamp, or if the CD player is too close to one of the speakers, it could be affected by the vibration and create a weird type of distorted "feedback". Try moving the speakers farther away from it and see if the problem gets better some.
Thanks, guys!!! I actually (finally!!!) traced the problem down to my BK ST1400 Amp. I have sent it back to the manu. for repair. I have a loaner amp in place now. I went ahead and replaced the tubes in my Conrad Johnson PV10A with VTL tubes (was RCA's). I can't wait until these tubes "burn-in" and I get my amp back.
Just to follow up: My BK ST1400 Amp has been back for a week now. BK really did a great job with the repair. They only charged me $30 for new FETs, a new power supply and a new cage!!! My system sounds great. I have noticed that it plays much louder and effortlesly as before. The image is gigantic. Anyway, thanks, BK!!!!