Arcam r-Cube Portable

as most, i have evolved towards portable digital sourse as a normal part of my life. i own and love--within it's obvious limits--a jawbone jambox for the size vs sound.

for the next step up--bose to b&w--in terms of sound quality vs portability.

research leads to the arcam r-cube. not perfect, but reported very good sound vs 8"x8"x8" and great battery life.

does any readers of this forum have first hand experience.
the closest locale dealer and i have had it out too many time concerning the "high end" shop's desire to sell closed boxes at list price and then provide minimal or no service.

your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. i am in centeral miami, fl
Any interest in this offering from Marantz ? The price certainly seems attractive.

Cosed box at list price? Your shop won't even take it out and let you hear it first? If so I'd stay away from that place for good. I've gotten similar treatment from dealers I've dealt with and now my motto is do my own research and all I care about is the cheapest possible deal I can get. Best bet is to find one on hear used then you won't lose to much. Sound like a cool product I I didn't know it ran on battery. I have the foxl unit with is pretty small but cool and sounds good for its size and also the meridian F80 very nice but must be plugged in.
i have a smaller jawbone. it is wonderful for travel. not a greaqt solution at home. limits on volume and distortion when set for higher sound level. i would like to get something with better audio which is semi-portable.
the reviews seem great. not super portable, easy to move around the house. refurbs at about $200 are possible. this would be for true tooth and 3.5mm plug-in only.