Arcam AVR 300 vs Rotel Seperates

I currently have an Arcam AVR 300 and was looking at the Rotel RMB 1075 and RSP 1068 processor. Can anyone comment if this would be a significan upgrade for the close to $800 cost? My spakers are Paradigm Studio 60's, CC 470 and ADV rears. I am also upgrading the CD player to a Rotel 1072 or 1055 (5 disk). That may be the upgrade I have been needing. Any comments welcome and appreciated
I dont think there will be a vast improvement. Its all about flexibility. If you get bored with the seperates, you can switch out amps, pre, etc. I dont think the sound is worth 800 upgrade. For that 800, i would upgrade cd player and get a used rega apollo. I owned the 1068-1075 combinaiton and love it for movies but not for music.
Any more comments on a comparison of these two. I am about 60/40 music....THX
If you are itching for more info, check out and go to rotel forum. You will probably get a bias response but you will definatley learn the pros and cons of the 1068-1075 combo.
I own a Rotel 1075 amp and 1068 Preamp. I compared them directly to the Arcam AVR300 in my home. My friend owns the Arcam. We also listened to his new Arcam AVR350 the same night.

Associated gear: Proac Response 3.5 speakers, Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun Speaker cables, Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II IC's, Rotel RDV1050 DVD/CD Player, Black Sand Silver Ref V and Violet Power Cords, FIM Stainless Roller Block Isolation Devices.

The Rotel was clearly more powerful than the Arcam 300. The Rotel Separates had more bass slam and punch in the low end. IC's were XLO Reference II. The Arcam mids and highs may have been slightly more neutral. "slightly".

Enter the Arcam AVR350. VERY impressive! It was clearly more refined sounding than my Rotel Separates. The Arcam AVR350 defined instruments more clearly in their own distinct space. Soundstaging and imaging were sweeter on the Arcam as well. Volume differences were almost indistingishable.

After comparing, I wouldn't hesitate to choose an Arcam AVR 350. But the 300 did not possess the same magic and I preferred the Rotel Separates in that contest.
Thanks for the feedback! Let me ask you this, you are using a Rotel CD player? How do you have it connected? Are you using the DAC's of the 1068 or the CD player? Do you feel the CD player improves the sound?
Keep the Arcam and get a better source or use the money to upgrade the speakers.

There are a couple of Naim CD5i units for sale here on AG for ~ a grand. Put that up front with what you have and see what happens. :-)
Thanks for the response. Just a couple questions, correct me if I am wrong. If I upgrade the source, was looking at a Rotel RCD 1072 CD player, I would need to connect in analog bipass mode to use the DAC's of the CD player? If I am in bypass mode there will be no sub output? If I were to connect the RCD 1072 via an optical cable, I would still be using the DAC's of the Arcam, so there would be little if any improvement over my Onkyo CD player. Just trying to determine if upgrading the CD player would be worth the $$$$ Thanks for replies
CD player analog out -> Arcam = CD Player DACs
CD player optical out -> Arcam = Arcam DACs

I think you'll get the sound you're looking for more with a DAC1 than upgrading the transport. ;-)
Well, I went with the CD player (RCD 1072), but it was not nearly the upgrade I was hoping for. In fact I preferred the sound of the optical input of the AVR 300, thus I concluded the DAC's in the Arcam are bettter. I was now looking at the possibility of adding a 5 channel amp (maybe Rotel RMB 1075) and using the AVR as a Pre/Pro. Question, in this set up is the receiver only running off the power of the amp or is it still using the power that it has? Any thoughts on how this would improve things. Also, the other option for about the same money, would be to purchase an external DAC. Any advise is appreciated....
I don't doubt you heard little difference with this CDP. Your receiver is a very good sounding unit and as you know it's claim to fame is it's musical abilities. But, as Groberts3 pointed out, the AVR-350 is much better, and many have confirmed this. Rather than a five channel amp why not just sale the 300 and upgrade to the 350?

When you use the digital input your using the DAC's of the Arcam and when you use analog inputs, i.e. CD input, you will be using the DACs of the Rotel.

I was using (and still own) a Sony DVP NS999ES which has terrible Redbook CD playback, but fairly good (not great) SACD performance. I bought the Arcam AVP-700 (similar to the AVR-350 receiver with a few extras)and, like you, I found the DAC in the Arcam sounded better than my Sony with Redbook CD's.

I got sick of trying to find good SACD's and decided to find a better RB source player. After months of research I chose a new Naim CD5i ($2000 budget)and couldn't be happier. Is it the best on the planet? Certainly not. Is it the best in it's price range? Dunno? But, its darned good.

This unit playing RB CD's is much better than my Sony with SACD's. It's not the most detaled, doesn't have the most extented highs, etc. but, to me it just sounds realistic. And the PRAT Naim equipment is noted for is no joke. You forget about evaluating your CDP and strat listening to the music again.

I've seen units less than a year old go for a grand here on AG and your going to be hard pressed to find better for the money. Get one of these and I bet the difference wont be small. :-)

What cables are you using? I know some are going to say different, but IMO crappy cables can mask equipment differences.

BTW, you can use the two channel stereo mode witout the by-pass feature. With this mode the signal is routed through the digital circuits so you have the ability to use your cross overs and sub. When you do an A/B between this mode and by-pass you will easily hear the difference in the mid-range and lower treble.
Jack - I agree re: the CD5i. I think it sounds fantastic for the money, especially at the prices they can be had for used.
I had the 300 which I bought from a dealer in '06+. After all these years I decided to hunt on Kijiji for a 350 to see what the difference was. After a few months, talked a seller of a 350 down to $500. Then I listed and sold the 300 for $480. BEST $20 dollar upgrade ever.

AVR 300
- Fan noise at moderate volume... really annoying and service never fixed!
- Had the whole logic board replaced 3 years in... glitchy... random shut downs
- CR80 Remote had become beaten up over past 6-7 years (which was my fault)... so had switched to a Harmony One.

AVR 350
- No fan noise at any volume and with extended periods of no use while on
- Sound has same tone as 300, but depth/clarity/punch is improved
- More power, even though similarly rated... new donut torroid
- More gold plating and upgraded transistors when looking under the hood
- CR80 remote is like new... I love this remote better than Harmony One!

Downside of 350 is that they switched phono plug from large to small, but not like I use it anyway.

350 also comes with original HDMI spec which can't handle audio. So a mute point that was instantly bypassed just like I was doing with the 300. My Sony XBR 55" handles all video switching. Sat, AppleTV and PS3 route out of TV via optical to the Arcam into its "Sat" input.

7.1 analog decoding of HD/Master Audio on BD handled by the OPPO 93 Blu-Ray player. The Oppo HDMI is routed directly to the 4th input on the TV and the 7.1 analog to ARCAM, accessible through "MCH" button for Multichannel audio.

Getting back to the main gear, the Arcam 350 and Oppo 93, I don't think any new combos could beat this 1K+ challenger.

Speakers - Paradigm Studio 40 / cc590 - all v4, adp390 v6 surrounds. Rythmik Audio F12SE sub.