Arcam 600 Amp---seeking high end DVD player that interfaces well---possible?

Arcam 600---Conrad Johnson 250 S Power Amp.  Conrad Johnson ET 5 Pre---Romulus CD---Older Oracle Turntable.

Problem is with integrating all with my Arcam 600 which I am using primarily for switching in integrated system---MX 780 is universal remote.  DVD seems to be biggest issue---OPPO BDP 83.   Just will not switch modes for audio from Dolby 2 to 5.1 when playing DVD.

Not sure if I ditch Arcam. Find DVD player that can interface better with Arcam and Universal remote.  Or the Universal remote is my ultimate fiend.  Or????

Welcome any and all input as this is really driving me crazy.
Maybe you could explain in more detail what exactly is your problem?

Are you looking for a new DVD player?  Or a new Blu-ray player?

Also, I'm trying to understand your system.  You seem to have a 7 channel AV receiver, a 2 channel power amp, a 2 channel pre-amp, a Blu-ray player, a CD player, a turntable, and a universal remote.

How is all this connected? How many speakers to you have?  I suspect the problem may be related to your system configuration, and not to your equipment itself.
I had an Arcam DV79 that worked great for both 5.1 movies with a Denon AVR, and later as a dedicated 2-channel CD player with Linn separates. Switching modes to output 5.1 wasn't a big deal with the Arcam (but I will acknowledge that setting up anything through the Denon could be tricky).

Unless I'm misinterpreting your post, pairing a DV79 or one of Arcam's FMJ DVD players should be a natural with the Arcam 600.