ARC Ref 75 vs REF 150

Why in the world did AR not put any meters on the front panel of the 150's? Do they hinder the sound quality in the 150's? I'm torn between the 2 but it makes more sense to spring for the 150's so that i have the extra power. However from reviews online, it sounds like 75 watts is plenty. My room is 20x24x 8ft tall.

The Ref 150 is the only one in the series that does not have meters. Both the Ref 75 and Ref 250s have the meters. I think it is because they wanted to use the same casework as the Ref 110.

It all depends on your speakers. My speaker are relatively efficient at 93db. I still preferred the Ref 150. I liked the extra headroom and I thought the bass was just a bit crisper.
It's hard to speculate if 75 watts/ch. is enough in that room without knowing the speakers being driven...

Sorry. Speakers are Dynaudio Confidence C4.
Nice speakers. I'd go with the extra power to satisfy an 88db sensitive speaker with the bass capabilities of the C4.
I think for the c-4's you should definitely get the Ref-150. I am currently running the C-1's and I sometimes run out of juice for those with 100 watts per channel. I wish I had 150 to 200 watts per channel with my C-1's.
Sorry. Speakers are Dynaudio Confidence C4.
Big fan of Dynaudio and I think you might need Ref250.

I have Ref250 driving a FLAT 4 ohms @88 db speaker in a bigger room and don't think a smaller amp will work. If decision is between Ref75 or Ref150, definitely go with Ref150.
ARC Ref 250 or similar (Coda, McIntosh, Threshold, Bolder, Sim Audio) for the best performance with those Dyn's.