ARC preamp Voltage convertion from 110v to 220V?

Hi!I have and Audio Research Ls2bmk2 preamp 110 volts.I would like to convert it to 220volts in order to be used here in Argentina.Does anybody knows which companies sells the 220v transformers of this preamp?I would appreciate any info about this.Many thanks for your replies!Regards,Rafael
Audio Research will change the transformer and make necessary adjustments to insure your preamp working properly. Make sure they give you the 110 transformer in case you move back.
Hello there mate,my suggestion would be get a nice step down transformer,preamps don't have a big current draw like a amp.You can put a nice power cord from the wall to the step down,and from transformer to the pre if you wish.Audio Research don't really like doing conversions,I tried a couple years ago with a sp8.I don't think you will notice any difference in sound quality being source components.I was running a phono stage off the same transformer.
Something like this...
Not to be a stick in the mud, but Audio Research states on their web site "Audio Research does not convert products for use with a different A.C. line voltage." Best bet would be to get a step up transformer.
I must be living in the past. Audio Research preamps used to come with dual voltage transformers. If you needed a different voltage it was just a matter of switching a couple of wires. The dual voltage transformers were replaced with a single voltage transformer and if you needed a different voltage they recommended sending the unit back to the factory to have the transformer changed. Dual voltage transformers were also changed to the single voltage type even if the unit was sent back for an update. Before doing anything else I would check your LS-2B transformer to find out if yours is the dual voltage type. Your preamp is old enough that it might.
Hi there Rrog,I believe they used to,maybe they just got too busy.There would be someone out there,who is good for a conversion.I have heard of it being done.
I am in the UK, and also have a US voltage Audio Research Ref 2 Mk1 which needs proper conversion from US to UK voltage. The 2 main toroidal transformers have 2x117.5v primaries each, so they are not a problem, as long as the phasing is correct. But there is also a small laminated transformer which controls the logic circuits and this is a single primary (obviously 120v here) which will need replacing with a similar 240v type. Any suggestions? Anyone done this with an Audio Research Reference model of this type or similar? I have noted from the circuit diagram that some of the small caps near this small transformer are rated at 250v, and wonder whether these will need uprating to 375 / 400v caps.
Unless they are on the primary side for noise suppression, the caps would not need to be replaced as they come after the secondary and those voltages are fixed by tge cct. design. I have used a step up with no problems.