Apollon AS1200 ICEPOWER class D amp in da house

Recently, I got back in to the audiophile world. I needed an amp that could drive Ohm Super Sound Cylinders. These are 6 ohm low sensitivity speakers. They sounded bad on a Denon receiver that outputs 80 watts. The Apollon AS1200 ICEPOWER class D amp outputs 620 watts. Wrap your brain around that one.

Here is some pics and a review of the amp. Seemed like a lot of clean power for not too much money. Worth a try I thought although there really is not too much info out there on the device. 

I've owned a bunch of amps. Good ones. I've listened to many more. But, I've been out of the game for a spell. The quality available now seems almost magical.

So far, I can't say that this amp sounds like anything, which is what we say we want (we don't really, not all the time). At this point in my life I really do want the amp to disappear. This amp is not too big, does not run too hot, is black and so hides in my cabinet, and yet it has tremendous power on tap. Unlike the reviewer whom I linked above I was pleasantly surprised by the build quality. Totally sufficient. Yeah, the faceplate logo could look nicer, but a minor quibble. 

If there is a sonic signature it is one of total control. The Ohms on this amp can do anything, or so it seems. I'm impressed. Not much money for that kind of power. Clean power. Dang. 
Hello monstertruck9882,

     You've discovered the impressive world of modern class D amps.  In my opinion, the least expensive method to attain true high-end sound quality.  There are currently numerous very good quality class D amps available at very reasonable prices and it seems like the Appollon AS1200 is yet another fine example. Congratulations!
     I use a pair of D-Sonic M3-600-M class D mono-block amps to drive a pair of Magnepan 3.7i speakers and I'm also very pleased with the results.  From my experience having used 2 different class D stereo amps and now the monos, I've notice they all have had the same general sound quality characteristics as you describe with yours; a very low noise floor (I believe your hum is not normal), very low distortion, highly accurate,  detailed, dynamic and overall a sound very much like the audio ideal of the amp being just a 'straight wire with gain'.  In other words, the signal outputted is the same as the signal inputted, just with signal gain applied evenly across the audio spectrum that results in a very neutral overall presentation.

Thanks @noble100. I like the amp for sure. My previous amps were tube based. Some were outstanding. This thing though. The control. The transparency. It just gets things done. 

Not sure what hum you are referring to. My amp does not hum.
ASR kind of sucks except for their measurements.

I am using ICEpower amps in my HT again. They used to be my main amps. I agree that they sound like nothing at all.  The size and temperature are big selling points too!

Wait for a troll to show up and explain to you how there are problems you can't hear which can be measured which prove you can't be happy. He'll be here in a bit. Just smile and keep enjoying the music!

    Sorry, I confused you with another poster that had a class D amp with a hum. My mistake.
    FYI: Erik was referring to georgehifi, an Australian guy who invariably posts on class D threads claiming that the switching signal carrier frequency is currently too low on class D amps, causing problems in the audible treble frequencies, and that the filters, that remove the typical 400-600 KHz switching signal carrier frequency from the signal prior to output to the speakers, are not of sufficient quality and also cause problems in the audible frequency range.
    It's funny, and a bit odd and sad, because apparently only he and a few members of his cult are able to hear these supposed problems in the audible range on class D amps. The overwhelming majority of class D owners and listeners hear none of these claimed sonic issues which, by definition and for all practical purposes, means that these supposed class D issues don't exist for them and believe georgehifi and his sycophants are just bat turd crazy.  
    Of course, it's highly unlikely but remotely possible that only certain individuals are sensitive to these class D sonic issues and capable of perceiving them. But thus far, there's absolutely no scientific evidence that either these class D sonic issues actually exist or that that only a small minority of individuals are capable of even perceiving them if they do exist. In my opinion, having an ulterior motive or being bat turd crazy are much more likely explanations.


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FYI, georgehifi, makes negative comments about many things, including horn speakers, and amplifiers with mosfet output stages, two things I enjoy. I still like the guy, and cannot imagine these threads without him. 
Hello mrdecibel,

     Georgehifi is predictable and a pest, but I still like him, too.