Anyone with experience with Neutrik PowerCons?

These are found on a few products that I have seen in the US, but seem to be favored in Europe and Asia for pro audio use as well as almost unlimited use in non-audio electronics. They have a locking plug and round socket in place of the usual IEC input on power conditioners from Synergistics and Audience, but seem to have no comments or reviews any where.

I would think they would at least kick up a little dust in audio circles. They are dirt cheap - a jack/connector set is under $30 - and seem to give a superior amount of contact area and will not fall out.

The reason I am asking is that I recently ordered an UberBuss from PI-Audio and chose a 32 amp PowerCon in place of much more expensive IEC offerings and will soon have it in my home. I ordered a few of the male connectors to try on some sacrificial power cords that have volunteered for testing it. I would like to know if anyone has tried to cryo one of these things or rolled cords with their PowerCell or Adept Response.
In our home audio arena, I see them used mostly to connect outboard DC power supplies as Steve McCormack did with mine.

The specs show a wire size of 14awg but a rating of 20 amps, which I believe requires 12awg for in-wall wiring. Is there a different criterion for cords than for in-wall wiring?

The base metal is bronze (brass with a higher copper content) and they are plated with 4 um of silver. That is as good as most of the conventional connectors on the market and apparently meets the needs of pro audio.

Based on my use of them, I believe the PowerCON connectors offer a superior connector to our common blade style power plugs. I also like 20A plugs over our typical 15A plugs because I think the two opposite oriented plug blades provide a more positive connection than the 15A plugs that have both blades oriented in the same direction.

SpeakON connectors are also nice and IMO probably better than bananas and arguably very close to, or equal to, spades.

I suspect they are not used more due to the absence of "audiophile approved" versions.....because they are certainly easier to use.