Aftermarket REL / Neutrik Speakon Cable?

Does anyone know of a manufacturuer of the Neutrik Speakon cable that REL includes with their subwoofers? While I like the sound using the supplied cable I think it would be better if I got a higher quality one. I could probably make my own but I don't know where to get the connector.


Leo, I know exactly what you mean! I purchased a handmade custom cable, with the length I specified, from a guy who sells his custom cables through Tom Unger, Gifted Listener Audio, Centreville, VA. Phone 703-818-8000. I had been using the cable REL supplied for about 2 yrs but the neutrik connection seemed loose and I often had a hum unless I jiggled it around in the Storm III. I mentioned this to Tom, from whom I bought the REL, and he first offered to resolder/terminate the REL cable for me, but when I asked about a better cable he told me about this individual who had his own cable co. in the area and had made several custom cables for other customers who seemed very happy. I got a 12 or 15 ft length (can't remember which), with a new Neutrik and 3 leads terminated in bananas for the speaker terminals on my amp, for $250. The results were absolute FANTASTIC, I could hear more tuneful, detailed, focused bass note immediately upon plugging it in. I scrapped that REL cable and won't even resell it. The custom cable is great and I felt the price very reasonable, esp. since it sounded as if I had vastly upgraded all my speaker cables and interconnects. I can email you a digital pic of the cable if you are interested, and also supply you w/the name of the craftsman and his company if you don't reach Tom Unger.
Good luck, you won't be disappointed.
Sarah Clement
Call Robert Stein at The Cable Company --- --- He can order you a custom XLO brand cable for the REL.
Ditto, Sugarbrie. XLO did a superb job on my custom cable through the Cable Company.
the best cables i've ever heard were audio magic. i'm selling some of their demos. they will knock you off your feet. extremely dynamic, quick with no coloration or brightness. analog sound done right. if you want more info
I have to agree with Sigarbrie again. XLO ($196 for 15')
I got from Robert Stein ( set my Storm III to one level up.