Neutrik XLR to RCA Adapters

The quesiton of where to purchase XLR to RCA adpaters has popped up more than once on Audigon. The usual resposnes direct folks towards products from BAT, Rowlans, PAD, etc, which are good but expensive. Well (and perhaps news only to me), Neutrik makes these adapters as well! The catalog numbers for the more common XLR to female RCA jacks are NA2MPMF (male XLR) and NA2FPMF (femele XLT). The cost? Theoretically about $ 17 each *vs, e.g., $ 115 a pair for the PAD version). The catch? No one seems to stock them!. I found a website in Canada that had ONE femele to female, and being a bulk distributor required me to purchase a $ 50 "license" to buy anything from them - pretty useless! So..the question is ..Does anyone know who might carry these in the US????
i can get 'em over-the-counter at a local music store for $6.50 each - m/m, f/f, f/m, m/f. they have 'em in-stock. mebbe i should go into bizniz on the 'net selling 'em? ;~) seriously, try any large shop that caters to the pro-music industry - ya know: guitars, electtric pianos, stage amplification, etc. if there isn't one in your area, try chuck levin's washington music center in wheaton, md. i found it thru the neutrik www, thru their distributors list. i called a distributor who would sell direct if i wanted, but he referred me to the local vendor. doug
Sedond Thanks. Youd' be surprised if you went into business. I have checked the local pro-shops (as well as a few on the net) and they carry crap
Well, after another hour or so on the Web, I have found a supplier. For those who are interested, they are Zack Electronics ( They charge $ 6 per sales tax if you live in California or Illinois. Should have some next week. Will compare to my fancy, expensive BAT adpaters and report how it goes...
Thanks for the info guys. I look forward to hearing about Alexc's comparison. I do need some, but I don't want to get them if they are crappy...Duh!
Neutrik makes some of the best connectors on the market. Many of them are used by high profile cable companies. I order mine from Full Compus. They should carry the item you are searching for.
the xlr inputs-n-outputs on my melos music director preamp are neutriks - they should be ok... ;~) doug
Alexc- are using the adaptors on a BAT pre? I have been feeding my CD source to my vk3i thru the single-ended inputs and have been contemplating getting adaptors as my CAL CL-10 does not have balanced analog out. If you or anyone else has thoughts on that, would appreciate it. BTW, my DNA 0.5 does not have balanced inputs, so would have to reconvert at the amp end. Any comments appreciated.
Check to purchase them. I have bought a couple pair from them and they work great .They are probably in stock and they carry Canare digital cables among other cables and useful products for the hobby.They cater to the pro market so things are priced realistically.
Swampwalker - Yes, I am using these on a BAT VK 5i SE pre. I have one set from BAT which I use w/ my analog fron end. Works fine, though I have no way of knowing if its detrimental to the sound (phono pre amp had no balanced outputs, so would have to use adpaters at either end or a cbale w/ XLR at one end and RCA at the other - no way to check sound when truly balanced). For my digital gear, I use balanced cables, and from pre to amps I sue HomeGrown Audio silver cables reminated by them w/ XLR's at the pre end and RCA's at the other. However, still searching for onther female XLR to female RCA adapters so I can try other cables between pre and amps.
Alexc, as noted above does have the adapters you're looking for. I've got no idea on their quality, however. The xlrs are Neutrik, so thats fine, but I don't recall that they spec the rcas.
Well, I received the Neutrik adapters I ordered from Zack Electronics. They look OK, oter than the fact that they come in pieces and you're supposed to solder the connections yourself. I checked the mastertek site, and they do this for you, though their price is a few bucks higher. So...if you're handy with a soldering iron, go with Zack Electronics. Else, go w/ Mastertek. Some observations. Though nicely finished, etc, the Neutrik adapters lack some typical "audiophile" touches such as gold plated RCA's, which adapters from BAT, PAD, etc do have. Not sure if it makes a difference (or at least, 10X the difference). Like I said will try em and post (assuming I don't burn my fingers off w/ the soldering iron!)
Alexc- My CL-10 CD has only RCA out. Was wondering if there is any benefit to converting it to XLR before it goes into the BAT pre (the 3i has both balanced and single ended in; I think the 5i Se has only balanced inputs), i.e., does the single ended input on the BAT feed the same circut as the XLR. If it does, I guess I would rather just use the built in RCA. If not, maybe I would play around to see if there is a difference, since the neutris adaptor from Markertech is so cheap (about $15-20, based on what you want. Please keep us posted.
Swampwalker - I don't think you'll get much benefit from using a balanced cable if your source does not put out a truly balanced signal. I don't know much about the RCA vs XLR's inputs on you BAT, but I would venture that the balanced inputs/circuit would be superior if fed a banaced signal. You cna always give Victor Khomenko a call. But...I gues for $ 15-20 it's painless enough to find out.